3 tips for hiking more conscious

Januari 2019 is the month of sustainable travel at our blog. The last time we wrote something about traveling more conscious, it was about sustainable wintersports. Today we have a few tips on hiking more conscious. and you know what? If you’re into hiking, you’re already traveling more sustainable than most other travelers. So bonus points for that. So if you’re into traveling more susainable, like we do, and you love to hike? We have 3 tips for you!

1.Buy second hand hiking gear

There are enough places where you can buy a second hand hiking outfit or gear. Craigslist, fora and vintage sales to name a few. Especially if you’re traveling to countries where there’s a lot of outdoor, chances are you can grab a few bargains from outdoor brands at the opportunity stores. This is how we mostly bought our gear while on a world trip. We bought camping stuff and second hand hiking gear. Used clothes are always more sustainable then buying new. And you know what? As a hiker you moght want the latest techniques, but most of the times the newest gear isn’t always that different from the older models. Especially well treated gear can be very good, doesn’t cost you a lot and it doesn’t end up in the trash. Three point for that!

2. Pack your food wisely

Pack your foo-to-go in biodegradable plastic of a stainless steel container. With you own container, you can easily save food and it doesn’t leak. You could buy these boxes from Amazon.com (preferable non-plastic because of the environment and BPA).

3. Leave no Trace

And last but not least: leave no trace. It sounds so logical, but it sure isn’t logical to everybody. You want to take a snap of a chipmunk, but you don’t own a zoom lens. You’re getting of trail, just a few meters and walk on vulnerable ground.

eekhoorn in een boomstam

On some locations, we should be glad we are even allowed to hike there and the locals made the effort to build a trail for us. So please respect the rules, the nature and be the best example for others. Stay on trail, especially when there are signs telling you to do so. Some places have a very fragile exosystem and it will take a long time to grow back.

Is there a ban on making fire? Then don’t make it. Especillay when you’re going for a hike in Canada of Amerika, you see a lot of signs telling you the level of dryness. Forest fires are a thing over there and you don’t want to be the one who started it.

More about traveling more sustainable?

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