Plank Pose

30 days challenge: plank pose

Last weekend fellow blogger Anouk wrote that she’s doing the 30 days Squat Challenge. And as promised I’d do a yoga exercise! That means I do a squat exercise + 3x weekly yoga exercise.

Anouk already agreed the 30 days challenge, but she didn’t know what exercise I’ve chosen, do you already regret it Anouk?

What are we gonna do

The plank pose. This is an exercise for your abs, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles ánd leg muscles. But without the worry of backpain because of the “natural J-shape of the spine”. Are you in?

You can see she is doing this pushup exactly right. The core is engaged and the back straight, as well the legs, as if in a perfect plank but going down and up with the arms. Not only is this picture beautiful, but with the ocean in the background it is awesome and inspiring!

photo / pinterest

How to do the plank pose?

Begin by doing a normal push up pose with straight arms. Maintain a straight line from your neck, torso until your legs. Resist the urge to sink or your legs to push up from the straight line.

Then give your attention to your shoulders: Are they strained towards your neck? Roll them open. Use your muscles to maintain the distance between the shoulder blades and spine like your normal state. Curl your toes, make sure your feet are hip-width and your legs straight. Divide the weight on your knuckles and spread your fingers.

How Long should you do the plank pose?

Hold the position for 30 seconds for a minute. If you have difficulties, rest your upper body on your forearms, instead of your hands. How often you do it, the longer you can hold the position. Perform the pose, in any case, 3 times a week. Start with 30 seconds, extend to 15 seconds at a time until you’re in 2 minutes. After 2-4 weeks, we are going to vary (side plank, etc.).

Which musles do you train:

The plank pose is a simple but challenging way to build strength in the upper body, it strengthens arms, back, shoulders, core and quadriceps.

Are you in?

P.S. I am not a professional but an amateur yoga practitioner. The information for these exercises I got through Womans Health, my own yoga classes and Youtube.

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