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7 questions for board chick Noora Lindstrom

The requests for the board chick of the week have never been so massive! We go from one a month to two board chicks and who knows what the future holds for Style Spy. Today we chat with board chick Noora Lindstrom (28) from Ericeira (Portugal). Noora has just moved to Portugal to set up the Ericeira Surf House and works there as an owner and hostess.

HBO Hospitality Management

Favorite music:
Difficult, I like almost everything. But the best are singer-songwriter songs, relaxed, happy songs

Favorite food:
Too many to mention here, I love food!

Where you used to dream of:
To become famous (as a child)

What do you dream of now:
That our surf house will become a success and that one day I can surf really well!

Favorite place in the world ?:
The beach, the mountains, somewhere in nature

How did you start boardsports?

I started snowboarding because my older brother did it. I thought it look so much cooler and more fun than skiing. I wanted to try surfing  for years when I tried it here in the Netherlands for the first time.

What do you about the board lifestyle?

The relaxed lifestyle and opportunities to travel the world with sports, being active in nature, challenges that never stop, you can always learn more. The ability to live my life to build the lifestyle!

How often and where do you practice?
I don’t snowboard that often. I catch more waves now I’m living in Portugal. The beach is only a 10 minute walk away and the waves are almost always good ;)

After what point did you feel that you really could?
Hahaha, I’ve got that feeling still not! No dude, when I had the first really nice session with a shortboard, effortlessly came to the lineup and nice pair of waves surfed. Then I thought, ‘Hey, I’m not entirely hopeless!’.

Which locations have experienced not miss to you?
That’s very hard to say, it depends on what you like. However, I recommend it anyone who wants to go ahead with surfing, surfing reef breaks. The waves are often just a little better, and the idea that the soil is not sandy, there adds an extra challenge. And after browsing a sand feels really easy! Consider for example, Indonesia or Portugal. In Portugal, you also have many superfine breaks for more experienced surfers!

What did you like board chick really necessary? What is your must-have?
As a board chick you need passion for what you do, daring to go after dreams and of course a shelf, though it’s surfing or snowboarding! And do not forget an open mind and relaxed mindset!

What advice would you give to yourself when you first started?
Take a few surf lessons, which saves you huge in itself sort and frustration in the water!

Never give up on your dreams, even if They Seem far you only get closer by taking the first step!

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