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A spy into my blog life

Helloo, I’m back with my diaries. This time a spy into my blogger life with backstage blog footage. As you know, I – and many bloggers with me – am not a full time blogger. I work full-time (well 32h, is it full time nowadays?) I’m also ‘working’ on my blog fulltime. Please note: no full-time blogger, but fulltime in my head. Visiting events, networking, photographing, filming, respond to other bloggers, figure out what your readers like, answering emails and the real writing (and editing). A blog takes time, full time or part time. So, what does my life look like when on an ordinary week? Let’s take a look at last week with a behind the scenes: a spy into my blogger life.

Travel Writers Manifest vs Endemol

For my blog, I spend a lot of my time in Amsterdam. Most events are simply in the capital of Holland. Luckily I think Amsterdam is great fun and just 2 hours away from Groningen. Last week I was at the Endemol vs Travel Writers Manifesto event for presentations on travel b(v) logging. Travel Writers Manifesto is actually a kind of bloggerspact for travel bloggers. Endemol is a tv producer here in the Netherlands. With blog girlfriend Bianca we slept in my favorite hotel in Amsterdam: The Movenpick Hotel. And I slept in an Executive Room. Say whut? That’s what I thought when I got the keys (or pass) to the hotel room. Secretly, I feel like I have a secret life in addition to the regular full-time marketer I am on a 9 to 5 base. Oh and PS If it’s up to the latest trends and Endemol, we’re all going to transform into vloggers. Yesterday I edited my first “vlog”. Because I am nominated by blogger Anouk as favorite blogger. More about that next week. If I’m really gonna become a vlogger?Actually I do film for years. I have hours of footage. The question is when I’m satisfied with the result. Therefore the material will still remain unedited. Life of a perfectionist…

Blogmeet of the North

And a while back I met the women behind the blog Not So Stuffy. They had the idea of meeting up with ‘all’ Groningen bloggers (where I live) at the spot Bij Britta. Ofcourse I was there, as curious I am. But I had no idea that Groningen has so many bloggers. But of course, blogging is awfully HOT. More and more people I know start a blog.

Bloggers meet Groningen Bij Britta hotspot in Groningen

And behind the scenes I’m quite busy with the Board Chicks project starting from 15 April! I am very excited! And this weekend I leave for Luxembourg and Cologne for a road trip. What are your plans for Easter?

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