A spy into my life # 10: quickies

What am I doing good eh? Here’s been a tenth a spy into my life. And I still have some photo ´ s credit of the Chicky Clinics snowboard clinic in Snowplanet last week! I myself have almost no pictures because I lost my iPhone on the drag lift. I thought I could be, a picture while I hung to the elevator, but unfortunately there goes my confidence my iPhone slipped out of my hands and I had to wriggle myself off it. Fortunately, I have a special case for in the snow: O. What happened behind the scenes? Michelle Travellifestyle.nl’s was for her work in Groningen and considering I also not too far from the station work we were able to do a quickie in the Starbucks! As proof that we had a meetie and that we had the very cozy in the Starbucks of course we had to make a selfie;-) Furthermore, my best friend came for a quickie in the high North. She has also lived, years here so it’s secretly a bit coming home. I hope for years that they will live here again, because she has been living a while in Utrecht. If hip Groninger, I must of course with the best hotspots (to her) and we went to a spot that you Feel Good, it’s in a name good feel. With the Christmas songs in the background we ate goat cheese sandwiches with cappuccino and we leered to shoppers in the old look in ‘t Jatstraat. I feel a review coming!

Well that was the quickie for this week. I have written quite forward: this week you can expect a review of my Nikita board and which a New York hotspots post. Good on time Evey. But they come! Love the blog, see you soon!

Caught, there is yet a hip hop Assistant HR business partner in me

Oh what is the cosy

 Feel Good and inspiration for my little house!

Made you get some exciting with it?

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