A spy into my life 20 + win a mega big Pineapple window sticker!

It has been awhile since I’ve posted a diary. Pooh and every time I think back how time flies fast.

We go back a while back, because it was already two weeks since I with blogger Anouk at the Miss Publicity and PR (Rotterdam PR Agency) event was.

Every time I had to reject the invitation for this event, #LifestyleLab, because it is not always free during the week in Amsterdam and I can arrange work.

This time it’s me did manage with an excuse that I had to once again see Anouk. And of course my beloved town of Amsterdam.

At the event are the latest brands that represent the PR agencies, introduced. A fun way to get acquainted with some nice brands such as Thunderbra sports clothing and what health foodies like Raw chocolate, new crazy tea flavoured, oven croquettes, beautiful shoes, shampoo’s and Interior items from the shop living Express. Anouk and I still have a macrame hanger made and got a jar with a (fake) cactus to take home. Nice to have this kind of events once again. It’s been a time since I had been along a pr Agency and it’s always good to your contacts. And of course to be able to spot new brands that are possibly Style Spy worthy:)

And beyond?

The pendant at my home

thunderbra pink sports bra

ThunderBra (beautiful color huh!)

With my sister I did a day in Amsterdam. I still had two day tickets about NS which I often get at Blokker. We went to all the Nice shops that Groningen has not (Topshop, Monki etc.) and good food.

Study with my girlfriend (who unfortunately has moved to Amsterdam) we did to us a day to celebrate graduation. Although they are already a year ago and I graduated two years ago, better late then never … We ate at Papa Joe’s (below) and went to the Escapehunt. Staying there a escape room and have an hour to escape by all sorts of puzzles to solve. That was really really fat! We are unfortunately not escaped haha, bunch of losers that we are, but the adrenaline was there.

If I want to hang out than the #fatgirl I always go for the citizens of Papa Joe, by far my favorite burger tent in Groningen. This was the monthly peanut burger with peanut butter sauce. And delicious that that was! Oh my


A 40 cm large pineapple on my glass door! Really hipster joh.

P.s. Also hipster? I’ll give one away on behalf of Tenstickers! Let us know below that you want to win and where you are going to hang up. And the great thing is? I have personally designed this pineapple!   P.s. on the picture it looks like the pineapple black by the shadow, but it is white!

november 10, do I make the winnaar/winnares known on the blog!

New long colbert at fun vintage store Mona Lisa. I combine that kind of neat shirts always with skate items for my own look. I am also looking for a new phone. I doubt between a iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy and a One Plus One. The One Plus has good software for the price and the Samsung Galaxy I find the big screen so convenient. ? choices

How was your week?

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