A spy into my life #5 a thrilling week

I have made several (ahem, plural) attempts to post a weekly diary. But if you’re a perm follower, you may have noticed: that didn’t quite work out. #fail. I am a fantastic blogger for that matter. (Okay the board chick of the month is my consistent section ever). But I have a pretty normal (read: boring) life, you know that feeling? Anyway, I sometimes ask myself who would want to read this diaries. But the visitors stats don’t lie and I left my nonsense somewhere ;-). But I must really confess that there’s little inspiration. Ok, well I had a Halloween Costume Party last Friday  at work, what was the highlight of the week (seen my outfit? True Blood?). Huge contrast to that Ikea visit the next day and spending hours watching series on Netflix, very addictive damn you Netflix. Well luckily the party was something, or else I had nothing else to report, again.

And yeah I’m already counting down the days for early skiing in Hintertux Austria. For this, I work with different organizations. Very cool that al least organizations think I’m worth to collaborate with ;-)

Oh, and this week I also will visit the travelpressentation, which is kinda the  travel event in the Netherlands. I can. with the coming winter trip, as semi travel blogger again start writing about my holidays and have loads of blogposts about that trip ;-) Until the next travel is coming in 3 months probably because yes, I do not have the money to just go on a trip every week. I would love me some more traveling and want to do more filming and photographing and editing them. I got some nice inspiration from a video edit I saw, and want to show you beautiful images from all around the world. Ugh, I get so jealous of beautiful edits. I’m thinking hard how I’m going to edit the video from next week. Below is an edit that inspires me which is from #germany25reunified, made by storyteller bloggers. A beautiful way of showing your story. I will have to think about my own story (surviving without eating powder?) Winter, Go Pro. Check!

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