uitzicht vanuit de dom toren in Keulen

A spy into my life: roadtrip Lux and Cologne

Holidays are almost no holidays if you’re like me and don’t take any vacationdays after the holidays. Are you just home for a few hours, you already got to head to (your own) bed and appear to work the next day, all fresh. For Peru I’ll definetely take a few extra days of so at least I still got some time to relax at home. Did you know that Peru is in only 3.5 weeks?

To go back to last weekend: road trips are fun. The only thing I miss is a Volkswagen van or a nice Range Rover with a surfboard on the roof. We only have a car for three months and she has a driven lot of miles with us. The streets, surrounded by graffiti, passing by castles and raced through Cologne. We are so happy with her when opening the window, when I pull my camera out, click on record and feel my hair dancing through the wind.

I suffer from some muscle ache, I’m tired, I miss Anouk and if you read this, I am already at work, busy writing marketing plans. Luxembourg and Cologne are fun and sort of around the corner (if you live in Europe). You want to go there! Story comes online asap!

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