Madeira in photos

Hey gals, I have another spy into my life for you guys! This time I’ve got an overview of my surftrip to Madeira. I was there a month ago and it seems like time has flown by! . Madeira is the perfect adventure getaway, at just an hour by plane from Lissabon. The landscape reminds me of Jurassic Park: exotic flowers, tropical fruits and impressive valleys. When I was a child I used to play with my brother and dinosaurs. We collected stickers for stickeralbums and ofcourse I was a super duper fan of the movie Jurassic Park (I can’t believe there’s someone who is more of a fan of that movie except for my brother XD). Well, that landscape in combination with surfing kind of was a dreamtrip for me. I think that if you’re a big fan of boardsports, it’s kinda a bit for the love of nature. How beautiful it is to sit on your board, waiting for the perfect set to come while having the green valleys around you  priceless.


Pascal van der mast en martijn rondaij surfenMini dinootjesPamlbomenZwarte zeeMadeira uitzicht (2)Madeira van bovenafMadeira wegenMadeiraMadeira uitzichtMadeira kustMadeira huisKust van Madeira

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