Cafe de Koe Amsterdam
Photo / De Telefoongids

Amsterdam hotspot: Cafe De Koe

Amsterdam. Is it because it is so far away from the city I live in that it makes it interesting? That it is so touristic (I mean, I am a travelblogger)? Or is it that I’m just a supernerd that thinks Amsterdam is just very cool? Anyways I still experience and hopefully will think that way later on, Amsterdam as a vibrant city.

One of the benefits of my project in Amsterdam (Huh, what? Yeah I am currently on a project over there) is catching up with befriended locals. This way I find a lot of hidden gems: from cheap but good Chinese take away to beerfestiv-ish local breweries. It’s about time I share these spots with you guys so you’d know where to go once you visit Amsterdam.

DE KOE (aka The Cow)

Within walking distance of the Leidseplein you will also find great hotspots that are not aimed at tourists (because mostly it is just cheesy foodplaces), such as the Stuffed Cow (De Koe). De koe is runned by the girlfriend of the singer of Van Dik Hout (who are pretty popular amongst the Dutch). Well at least that’s what she ensure us.

De Koe is a restaurant with a separate floor where parties can be held and downstairs they have a cozy place where you can dine and drink local beer from Amsterdam. Menu cards is something you’d probably look for right? Well it’s all written on the chalkboard. They don’t have a lot of choice, but hey doesn’t it makes it more easy this way?

What you shouldn’t miss? The appetizer I took: fresh salad with goat cheese, almonds and puff. Too good! Oh and try Zatte beer from Brouwerij ‘t IJ! You should also visit this Beer Brewery in Amsterdam when you have the chance. I’m going there today so you’ll definetely find another post about that soon! Thanks to the friend of a colleague for the tip;-

What’s your fav Amsterdam hotspot?

Cafe de Koe is located at Marnixstraat 381!

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