Back in Holland + photos from London

Evenings filled with walking down the Thames, pints, fish & chips, laughing with blogster Nieke while waiting for a spot at Wahaca, blisters on your feet and the busy London traffic, oh how I miss Londen. Meanwhile I am back in the silent Groningen. Visits to bigger cities always give me that ultimate dromomania feeling, it can very boring when back at home. Tight schedules, sporting afterwards and lazy nights at the couch cause it’s too much. Oh and these full evenings with fun things, just because you can’t (expecially on my age ;-). I can still remember these 40 hour working weeks where I worked an extra 10 hours because I just could en liked it. Look at me now, half dead in bed at 8 p.m. dreaming while watching Girls.

So here are a few other photos from London, just to dream with me before I’ll be back at my work tomorrowmorning at 9 a.m.


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