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Barcelona is one of the coolest places you can go longboarding during your city trip. Barcelona is a skate city, not only because we were in Barcelona during the X-Games, but also because almost everywhere, you’ll spot a few people long or skateboarding. You can practice cool tricks on squares in the city and you can enjoy cruising along the boulevard! Which, we so recommend. Where can you do that? And where can you rent a longboard? We’ll tell you more.

Rent a longboard in Barcelona

We understand you might not have your own longboard when on holiday or maybe you don’t want to bring it because you know, traveling with hand luggage is cheaper. But hey, thankfully there’s a longboard rental shop in Barcelona.

We rented our longboards at, which is close by the boulevard. Renting a longboard costs about €5 a hour, €15 a day or €25 for a whole weekend. You can hire a cruiser or even a downhill / freestyle board.
Inercia is also a longboard and skateshop where you buy your gear.

You’ll find this shop at Carrer de Roger de Flor, 10 (In the neighborhood of El Borne, which is a great neighborhood to stay during your city trip!)

Visit the Arc de Triomf

Inercia is near the Arc de Triomf ‘park’ (Arc de Triomf metro stop). This is like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but with a long pedestrian street and palm trees. There are also bike lanes on the sides. When you go longboarding for the first time: then this is the place to practice. You can cruise on the bikelanes, but you’ll see more people longboarding on the path towards the Triumph. And you do not suffer from cars and can dance on your board! Given the large number of tourists, I suggest you not to fall;-)

Would you prefer longboarding along the promenade you can go along Parc de la Ciutadella and cruise towards the beach (15 minutes single ride). The way to it is up, so it will cost you some effort, but it’s worth it! The roads are more crowded and the sidewalks sometimes have some nasty rocks on it (flat though). But it sure works! On the picture below you can see that there is sometimes a (bi) cycle path that runs along the road where you can go cruise.

The boulevard Passeig Maritim Barceloneta

The Boulevard is obviously the place to go longboarding. Long walks (and separate bike lanes) where you can cruise between the crowd and you’re certainly not alone. The asphalt is great to cruise, I wish there were more of such ‘paths’ back here in the Netherlands!

Two other hotspots, where I have not been, are: Numancia and the Forum. These two places I found afterwards by Tour


This seems to be the hotspot for longboarding down and practice going downhill. This location attracts many people, so watch your wheels!


This location seems to be the best place to go longboarding in Barcelona. Wide, paved areas, no pedestrians, a few huge rock waves, many slopes., Etc. Best of all, relaxed friendly atmosphere all a longboarder needs!.

Hopefully you have something to these tips! So grab for once no bus or bike, but cruise on! Would you (as a beginner) dare longboarding in Barcelona?

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