Board chick of August: Tanja Gandhi

This month is the month of Longboarding and apart from a board chick of the month this month is also a magazine full of Longboard! But first showing an interview with the board chick this month: Tanja!

How have you learned to Longboarding?

When I was 13 years old, I was already with my brother and our friends Group on skateboards. We were looking for always fun spots to new tricks to learn, but, unfortunately, I was not so good. A ' Ollie ' managed just … but it wasn't really my vocation. I have so every now and then still on rolled, but I actually discovered Longboarding only when I met my girlfriend. When I lived in the Hague once it became my ' cycle '; that was already killed in action, so that came out well. Although in the beginning always search is to the good balance, I found very quickly that this was me more than music itself. Delicious!

What discipline do you prefer?

In the beginning I was all sweet with cruising, but I noticed that I myself quite a bit from wild days. One day I own slide-gloves fixed it by work gloves and a cutting board. As a project, but then we could also loose. Practice, practice, practice, and if you then eventually have by how to do it, you wonder why you're doing so difficult in the beginning. Also the cross-step and what other little tricks I had quickly master, though that me have some bruises and scraped knees and buttocks! And to be honest … it is now some time back, so my first attempt will stuck again with clammy hands.

Apparent, that's hard to do! Do you have your own board?

Yes! My boardje is a Riviera Cherry Blossom. I bought it at Sickboards, at the time still in Scheveningen. I would still pick him again. The colors, size, trucks ... totally top!

He is beautiful!
You'll find that all boardsports complement each other? You become better at one by the other?

In addition to Longboarding I try as much as possible into the sea. If there are waves and the opportunity is there, I stand on my surfboard. Because I always have and now skated Longboard, I notice that my balance improved. I call always very hard "I have the balance of a … (at that time random word) ' ", so all the exercises that I can find is a bonus. Longboarding is still "surfing on dry land '!

A question I get a lot is "How do you choose a Longboard" what's your tip?

That question you should not to me. My Longboard I chose because my girlfriend has also a Riviera and I found that very pleasant. The only thing I missed was something more length, so I created a longer, thinner variant chosen and I am always very satisfied with it. I think it's mainly to feeling. Every now and then I step on something else, but that feels not quite right. In addition, does it cost, as with surfing, always time under a new board you have. I'm last a mini Malibu switched on a Fish with surfing … and my story to explain further: the first time I fell there constantly starting from! "I could say surf? What is this? " But it's getting better and better.

' It takes time to create excellence. If it could be done quickly, more people would do it '.

You organize the board chicks event: what does it mean exactly in and why we all need to come?

I know Board Chicks in the Hague since I live. It is a group of girls who, by and for girls, different events, such as surf trips, but also the Board Chicks Surf festival. This year I may be part of the Crew! Very nice! On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 september will take place again in the F.A.S.T. Surf festival Surf village in Scheveningen. A day in the sign of surf, kite, skate, music, market, food, drinks, parties, sleep. Several workshops, lots of fun, nice girls and a perfect day surf culture! Whether you're beginner or advanced, everyone is welcome. You learn to know new people and get great value for money!

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