Board Chick of the Month June: Britt Schoorl

It’s been a while and I know many of you really find it sad that the BoardChick of the Week stopped. So I decided to feature a monthly BoardChick here at the Style Spy blog. This month, we start with the first BoardChick of the Month: Britt Schoorl (23) from Barsingerhorn (Holland).

Evey: Hai Britt, for readers who do not know you, let’s give you a small introduction!

Hi, I’m Britt Schoorl, 23 years old and I live in a small village on the coast in North Holland. I have worked as a fashion designer and production manager for one year in Bondi Beach, Australia. A very good experience, I learned a lot and surfed a lot in my spare time. The beach and appartment were only a 1-minute walk from eachother! After that year I decided to leave and started for myself as a designer in Bali and there I produced my first collection. You can read more about my collection back in this feature.

Evey: How did the idea grew for your collection? Something to do with boardsports?

The shop was a logical continuation of the economy now here in Holland and my vision wanting to sell. My worldwide network was now larger in Sydney than in the Netherlands so I wanted to sell abroad, which is ideal for a webshop of course. It has nothing to do (even though it always is it in my mind) necessarily with boardsports, but the biggest similarity is that all my clothes have maximum comfort, and you will not be restricted in movement, which all girls who practice boardsports often find very important.

Evey: Which of boardsports do you do?

Snowboarding, Golf Surfing, Skateboarding, Longboarding / cruising, Wakeboarding, Stand up peddle surfing and especially surfing. I will begin with kite surfing and wakeboarding a bit more this summer. After a year in Australia, the Netherlands waves are a bit disappointing, so I want to learn kitesurfing because we have enough wind in The Netherlands.

Evey: That, s for sure. And what’s your best surfing experience?

All my surfing trips, but the best experience is the fact that I was surfing in Bondi and a group of dolphins along the surf was just 2 feet away! The feeling that you are so close to nature is really incredible.

Evey: Do you have any fears or  experienced difficulties while surfing?

I’m  drifted out to sea quite a few times and after I paddled away, I slightly panicked. And I was under water a little too long in Portugal: the waves kept coming.

Evey: How often do you practice and where?

I try – now that spring has begun – to go into the water 1 time per week again. Whether that is wakeboarding or surfing, it does not matter. Also I finally started kiting this summer.

Evey: What is your best boardsports destination?

Bondi beach I know best and I have surfed good waves over there, because I’ve lived there so long. But South France still remains favorite (no sharks).

Evey: What is your favorite brand Boardsports?

O’neill because I worked there, and have had a great time.

Evey: Are you going to make a nice surf trip this summer?

I plan to go by car and do the South of France as a surf trip and I’m going to learn kiting this summer!

Board Check: What kind of board do you have?

When I Surf in Netherlands, usually a mini Malibu, 7.3 and abroad usually my yellow Mc Coy 6.1 and 6.3 Spider.


Evey: And finally, what would you advise novice board chicks?

Do not give up!

Britt, thanks for your time and you can call yourself the next  BoardChick of the Month. And if you, as a reader, have not had enough of the board chicks? Read the previous ‘editions’ back here.

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