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Board Chick of the Week | Malou Hey

Malou Hey (22) from Zaandam (Holland) may call herself a real Boardchick. Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding, Longboarding/cruising, Wakeboarden, Stand up peddle surfing, Indo Boarden… is there anything she doesn’t do that involves a board? Let’s ask!

Evey: Haai Malou! That’s a bunch of boardsports! So how did you first get into touch with boardsports? 

I took the initiative myself, I did not grow up with sports. I started skateboarding and soccer and I also liked wakeboarding. By meeting people with these sports, I also tried other boardsports!

Evey: Wauw, sounds so cool. I guess you’re never afraid then?

When I travelled by myself in Australia I was flushed once by a far too big wave. I almost couldn’t get out. That was a bit scary because you are alone.

Evey: Scary indeed. Well let’s start with the things you LIKE? 

The freedom you feel when you’re on a board, it’s you and you board and no one else. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the snow, the road or the water.

Evey: How often do you practice?

When the water is warm again, we go at least 1-2 times a week somewhere in Holland. My longboard will be replaced in the summer with my bike and snowboarding is always on top of the list, we never cancel that!

Evey: How do you stay fit?

I play soccer 2-3 times a week and i’m a runner! Last year I attended the “Dam to Dam loop”. And we are vegetarians so we eat a lot of vegetables!

Evey: What’s your favourite destination for boardsports and which one is one your travelwishlist?

As long if there’s snow, waves or a plane road, I am a happy and satisfied human. My dream is to celebrate my honeymoon from our watervilla at the Maldives and glide into the water with your board.

Evey: Sounds fantastic! What do you do besides boardsports?

I work as a Online Campaign Manager in Amsterdam, play soccer, run love all sports as long there is a challenge in it and I am a enormous fan of music, especially reggae! And it is my dream to make a program about travel and extreme/board sports!


Evey: What are your plans for the summer

We are just back from wintersport in Les Arcs 2000, and we plan to book a last minute this summer to Mimizan Plage (France) to enjoy the sun, sea, waves and beach for 2 weeks!



– Longboard 9.2, Malibu 7.6, Fishboard 6.7
– Snowboard 152 Burton en Snowboard 146 Burton
– 2 Kiteboards Naish en twee Naish vliegers (8 en 11)
– Mountainboard (SUPER VET DING)
– 3 skate boards en 2 longboard
– Limited Edition Indo Board
– BodyBoard & Skinboard

Evey: What a list! Do you have a sponsor? ;-)

Yes, my husband ;-) No, haha, sometimes he sponsors one of my boards to stimulate me!

[one_half]Malou’s tips for beginners:

Stimulate you buddy and enjoy the board together, it is a relaxing sport!Keep on trying, practice and find the best boardsport that suits you to add a little LOVE, PEACE & HAPPINESS in your life.[/one_half]

Want to share you experience with boardsports as well?

I am also looking for chicks who want to share their (one time) experience with boardsportsSo have you ever done snowboarding, surfing or whatsoever and would you like to share this experience with others on stylespy + a pic from you on a board? Email us via blog[at]! And who knows, we’ll be seeing you back! 

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