Board Chick of the Week | Rachel Robbertsen

Rachèl(37)  from Leiderdorp (Holland) proves that even if you are in your Thirtysomething, you can still learn to surf! She hopes to enthusiast all other chicks (old or not old) to learn to surf if you love it! When Rachel was 19, she bought a pair of inline skates, which she traded for a skateboard, what looked more interesting on a halfpipe. She quit after one year and she is a surfaddict since last year! 

Evey: Hai Rachel, most boardchicks love the freedom of surfing, what makes surfing so amazing for you? 

The best thing about it is the feeling when in the water: freedom. Catching a wave and ride it, that’s amazing! My best experience? The last time when I was in the Northsea and saw a porpoise.

Evey: Have you ever been scared?

I was once attacked by a seal. I was a bit shocked, but no, I’m not scared easily. I am trying to practising a bottomturn, which is pretty hard, but I can do it!

Evey: Where do you practice?

Noordwijk (a surfclub in Holland) is my favorite place. I tried to practice in the winter, but the conditions were bad. I hope to practice more when the weather is much better!

Boardchick of the Week | Rachèl

Evey: How do you stay fit?

I run, swim and eat healthy!

Evey: What’s your favourite place to surf and dreamdestination?

Noordwijk is my favourite place, because I have all the space. When I’m better I would like to go to Indonesia, catch some waves and see where my mom was born.

Evey: What are your plans for the summer?

This year we’ll go to a real surfspot in Spain, Zarautz. We will be going with the family and I am gonna practice real hard and ofcourse relaxing with the family! I have also planned a lifeguard course in june and I am gonna help on sundays, teaching kids how to surf/sup/kite. I am really looking forward to and hope to ever teach surf myself later! But first practice practice!

Evey: Thats awesome! Do you own your own board as well?

I have a beginnersboard (Big 7.9, works fine) but I hope to upgrade the surfingskills asap, so I can use a shortboard.

Shortboards are shorter, thinner and more pointy at front.

Rachel wants to let you know that you are never too old to learn, so chicks GO and get STOKED!

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