Boardchick of june: Sarada

When a large skate park was built in Amersfoort Sardaa (29 and fysiotherapist) was immediately hooked onto the boardworld. The vibe was what she liked so much and since then she practices various boardsports. “Five years after the skate park I met with surfing as a sport in L’Amélie Plage on the French coast.  In Lisbon, Portugal I learned to analyze the waves during the course Surfing Methodology, practised training techniques and learned to apply the technique of surfing”. Today she has her own supschool.

This month I ask Sarada her wetsuit of her body as the boardchick of June. Read on babes (and guys?)

Evey: What is it what you like the most in boardsports?
The coolest I think is the fact that I make use of what is already present in my city. On the weekends you can find me supping the Amersfoort canals and harbor. Why use the road if you can also use canal? Discover new placesby sup- or longboard. With my cruiser I board to the city or the harbor. I use both the canals and the roads to board. And the finest of them all: I work on my strength while I enjoy the sun, the weather and acquaintances that I meet.

Board Sports give you a broader view  and let you enjoy the moment while you make optimum use of your surroundings.

Evey: I sure recognize that! And what is it you like less about boardsports?
When I surf I think it is kinda hard to catch the right wave at the right moment en find some good spots in Holland. I’d rather surf abroad.

Evey: Is there something you would like to learn?
I Like to grow in supyoga and paddle surfing, because when you sup you can ride a wave much longer. Rachel inspired me to go for my own supschool. The suplessons from Morene Dekker (NL Champion Stand Up Paddle) gave me the final push. You can always have more than you think, so do what you love and do it now.

(Yeah Morene was once also BoardChick of the Week, read her interview here)

Evey: What is your ultimate dreamdestination?
Too much to mention! Someday I’ll buy a worldticket! Lisbon was nice to surf, but I am very curious of Australia, Hawaï, Bali, as well as a supyoga retreat by Rachel Brathen in Curacao. For suproutes.

Evey: What is your boardchick musthave?
Passion and love for the water, the roads, the outdoors, being on the road! Outdoors make you enjoy the real life and you are closer to yourself during the challenges that you engage with nature itself. I always take water, coconut water, or water with a little Himalayan salt in it against mineral deficiency. Healthy foods are always important to get more energy. I also eat more raw foods and fruit smoothies and voice my food off the effort that I deliver in one day.

Outdoors make you enjoy the real life and you are closer to yourself during the challenges that you engage with nature itself.

Evey: Do you have any goals in boardsports?
In May 2014, I started my own Supschool in the centre of Amersfoort. I would like to add a new impuls to both the city and the offer for boardsports. Supyoga is quite new and unknown, which is such a blast to do. I give people a new experience with this lifestyle / sport at a place where they normally only long cycle by: the harbor and the canals. This new feature is refreshing and the responses to it were really positive!

Boardcheck: Which boards do YOU own?
I have my own BOGA Inflatable ISUP Tsunami race 12.6 feet, Ocean Blue (as I named this baby). This BOGA board rides very good. I also opted for a three-piece adjustable paddle to be able to take on the plane. BOGA is a little less known brand, but they make only supboards, so you get everything. I also have a longboard City cruiser from Sector 9, a very fine board.

Curious about supping through the Amersfoortse historical canals? (It’s recommendation, I loved it!) A  SupYogalesson? A regular suplesson or just cruising with Sarada? Look at Facebook or Saradas Sup website. Rather in personal? Send her a personal message, she likes that!

P.s. Sarada Sup is a certified ASI supschool!

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