Aprils boardchick #2 Rosanne Steeneken

Today we have a boardchick I’ve got a lot of envy for. Rosanne Steeneken (19) from Vinkeveen in is a downhill longboarder. Something where I still have to develop the guts for. She races like a chick with balls over the asphalt like it’s nothing. And she is one of the few chicks in the downhill world. Not at all a surprise she just joined the famous Longboard Girls Crew (something I could only dream of). Today a spy into the life of Rosanne.

Naam: Rosanne Steeneken
Leeftijd: 19 years
Woonplaats: Vinkeveen
Beroep: At the moment I am an Graphic Designer intern at Brunotti
Opleiding: Graphic Design in Utrecht on the Graphic Lyceum
Favoriete muziek: Indie, Rock, Aucoustic
Favoriet eten: PIZAAAAA or brie
Waar droomde je vroeger van: I once dreamed of becoming a skating champion. And strangely enough to build a skatepark in our huge church in the village.
Waar droom je nu van: My dream is to finish my college and work as graphic designer. Ofcourse I also dream of winning an IDF (International Downhill Federation) race. I daydream about the perfect asphalt road.
Favoriete plaats in de wereld? I now dream of Norway. But I hope to add Canada and Australia to my list as well
Boardsporten: Longboarding (cruising, freestyle of downhill)

How did you start?

I started skateboarding when I was 8. I’ve always done it with pleasure. I stopped doing that when I went to primary school. 3 years later, I tried a longboard. Been hooked on it ever since I watched videos of the Longboard Girls Crew. They inspired me to go downhill. Then I found out that I wanted to do nothing else.

What do you like the best about the boardlifestyle?

Everything is possible, you’re welcome no matter what.


How often do you practice and where?

As often as possible. But usually every weekend. There are about 10 places in the Netherlands where you can downhill. But I prefer to skate in the Heinenoordtunnel (tractor tunnel) or in Vaals on the three countries point (sounds a bit in English like this but it’s a point where Germany, Holland and Belgium connect).

After what point did you feel you were any good?

Last september in Belgium. Wallonhill (a freeride. During this event I took the turns much faster and I didn’t have any speed wobbels on the much steeper part down hill.

The question I get frequently asked on Style Spy: How to choose a longboard? What is your advice?

That depends on your wallet. It is best to go to a skate shop and buy a good board. The skate shop they can give you the best advice here in Holland is Sick Boards in The Hague, which is a huge shop where you get the best advice. They also have an online store. Other recommended skate stores are Skatedelux and Gravity Supplies (Groningen). For the people in the north Gravity Supplies is a good skate shop for advice. If you prefer something good but don’t have the money I recommend you to look on a 2nd hand site. You’d better avoid the complete boards for around 100 euros. This is a great price for mini cruise longboards. But for downhill / freestyle / freeride boards, it’s really better to go to a skate shop. Because cheap is expensive.

My favorite board gear for downhill at the moment:
Rayne Fortune v1
Sabre trucks 180 mm
Purple Kegels ( 83a)

To freeriden:
Loaded tesseract
Paris trucks
Every wheel that glides

If you have no time to go to a skate shop, I would I buy a loaded tesseract. This board is super alround. You can really do anything with it!

Yeah, Style Spy loves Loaded as well! Which locations should the more experienced boarder not miss?

The KNK freeride in Slovenia. 18 hairpin turns with a maximum speed of 80 khm.

What is your must have?

You definitely need balls. You obviously roll with high-speed, and you’re usually together with a lot of men on the mountain. Oh, and for sure a helmet!

We love your helmet!

What advice would you give to yourself when you first started?

“Don’t be such a pussy” I felt I was too often unnecessarily frightened.

Life motto?

Be yourself and have fun. Remember to have fun in everything you do. I feel that I can be more myself when I do.

Amen, great life motto Rosanne en lovely wisdom for all my readers!

Rosanne spy:

Instagram: @rosanne_onboard


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