Boardchick of februari 2: Charlotte Howels

The second boardchick of the month februari is Charlotte Howels (31), from Somerset UK. She has a lot in common with me. She’s also a blogger, a digital marketing specialist, 31 (indeed ouch!) and used to dream of the beach. We both do snowboarding and surfing, but since I’m a beginner, I bet she’s way better at it. Love to meet her one time. For now, let’s ask her a few questions!

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Favorite music: It changes every day!
Favorite food: All breakfast foods, especially cereals and porridge, I love breakfast!
Where did you always dream of: The beach.
Where do you dream of now: Still the beach!
Favorite place in the world: Cornwall, UK.

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Charlotte Howels float stories)

When did you start and why?
I have always loved the beach and first tried surfing on a family holiday when I was 14. I also had a snowboarding lesson on a dry slope for my fifteenth birthday. I didn’t get on very well with either so I didn’t try again for years. What I didn’t realise is that boardsports are hard! When I was about 20 I gave both another try and was hooked :)

What’s the most you like of the lifestyle?
Being outdoors and travelling to beautiful places. The sea and the mountains are the most inspiring places in the world and being able to enjoy them through surfing/snowboarding is super exhilarating.

Ski hut

How often do you surf?
I try to get to the beach as often as possible but I live an hour and a half away so I probably only go surfing about three times a month, less in winter. My dream is to move to the beach so I can surf whenever there’s surf. I haven’t been snowboarding for a few years but I’m planning on going again ASAP!

When did you have the feeling you were really good (enough)?
Not yet! I think I will always be trying to get a little bit better, especially at surfing. I have spent more time snowboarding so I’m more confident in my abilities, but there’s still a lot I would like to learn. I think part of the appeal of boardsports is that you have never, ever “completed” it. As soon as I catch a good wave I want to catch another better one!


What is your musthave to practice boardsports

What is your current boardsport wishlist?
I always have loads on my wishlist :) I just ordered a pair of Salt Gypsy leggings that I’m really excited to receive. I find it frustrating that there’s loads of awesome surfing brands that are hard to get in Europe but there’s also some cool British brands like Neon and Finisterre. I love my Finisterre merino base layers, they are the best for keeping you warm after surfing.

Love those leggins! Do you wish you started surfing sooner?
Yes, I wish I had persevered when I was younger, but never mind!

Charlotte Howels surf board

What would you tell your younger self when you just started (any advice to yourself)
Keep trying, you’ll get there eventually!

What is your life motto.
Enjoy the moment :)

She also has a great blog, check out Float Stories (love the name!)

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