Boardchick of the month: Eva de Koning

This month I asked surf chick Eva de Koning all about surfing. Eva surfs for ten years and I’m very curious what you can still learn when it comes to surfing. Was surfing always easy to do, which surfspots does Eva recommends and ofcourse why should we attend the annual Boardchicks event coming up in september. This will all be featured in this interview. Meet Eva: Boardchick of July!

Hi Eva, so how did you start surfing?

Together with a friend I wanted to do something different than party on our holiday. We walked inside an travelling agency and a few minutes later we booked our first surf trip to Mimizan in France on their recommendation.

Is surfing easy to do for you?

Surfing takes a lot of patience. I surf for almost 10 years, which also means that I am getting better. It’s fun though, you never stop learning.

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Were you ever afraid?

I remember it like it was yesterday: 2m waves, about 6 years ago. I paddled in but the wave was too fast, In endde up in the washing machine. And it was the first one of the set .. I didn’t know how to catch my breath until the last wave of the set…

When did you have the feeling you were any good?

I think every surfer wants to learn and be better. And yeah, when can you say you can surf? After your first green wave? Your first bottom turn or cutback?

What advise would you give to your younger self, ten years ago?

There comes a day you it will go better and you can also catch and ride the waves in the back. Luckily I was always stoked enough to keep on going, but there were a lot of moments I could’ve wasily break my board!

Sounds familiar! ;-)
Which surfspots should our more advanced surfer not want to miss?

I myself lost my heart in Indonesia, where I’ve been twice for a couple of months. The waves, the vibe, food, weather, no day goes without perfection, wow!

What’s your secret for surf clothing?

Wear what is comfortable and is easy to put on and take off when you want to take a fresh dive.
Eva de koning, boardchick, boardchicks, interview, boardchick of the month

Where are you looking forward to the most this summer?

The summer months are the months I work for my trips in the winter. So basically I’m looking forward to the winter months. But I have the best job ever as a surf instructor and manager at Aloha Surf School on the beach of Scheveningen, so every day is a great day!

I’m jealous!
So where’s the next trip going to?

So I have to wait a while for my winter trip but in August we organize a trip to Carcans with Board Chicks, which was a huge success last summer, so it is going to be mega fun again!

Boardcheck!!:What kinda board have you got?

Luke Studer Sub Fusion 6’1, Fire Wire Potato Nator 5’10 and Quik longboard 9’1.

And to end this awesome interview: As Boardchick member, you organize the Boardchicks event in September: what is it and why should we all come?

Almost 2 years ago Riemkje Poortinga, Esther Jacobs and I set up Boardchicks. This was one of our first ideas: a festival on the beach, where all boardsports can be practiced, and where young organizations can promote themselves and both have the advance and novice so that board chicks can learn something extra. It’s always a super fun weekend with waves, sun and beach, what more do you want as a board athlete? A nice party? Yeah we even thought of that!

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