Boardchick of november: Maaike

I’m counting towards my ski holiday! And even though I’m so looking forward to the powder, I also look forward to summer when I see the pictures of board chick Maaike! Today (it was already a fairly warm November day in Holland) we kick of november with a summery board chick! Dream away with these summery photos of Maaike, who is kitesurfer of this month!

Hi Maaike! How did you start kitesurfing?

Hi, I started kite surfing when I saw a movie of kevin langaree come on the news when I was 14. I then saved two years to buy myself some kite stuff. When I was 16 I had my first classes, and that went really well. Unfortunately at that moment I didn’t know anyone to go kite surfing together. I didn’t do it much, because I could not go alone. Two years later I met, who are now my current, two friends who also did kitesurfing and since then we have gone more often together. It’s more fun together than alone. Fortunately, everyone is very friendly and you meet people who are just as crazy about kitesurfing very easily.

Do you think it’s easy?

The beginning is difficult. I think you should kitesurf often, just mainly practice a lot, and if it works, the happiness will pay you back!

Have you ever experienced a moment of fear?

No, but sometimes youcrash and then you think I’ll quit, but I haven’t had real fear.

When did you feel  you are good?

Haha I still don’t  have that feeling, but after each time you kitesurf, you learn something new and feel proud of yourself.

What would you like to advice to yourself when you first started?

Never give up easily, if you really want it you should go for it.

Which locations in the Netherlands are hidden treasures?

The old car in Oostvoorne beach is really ideal for beginners because it stays shallow for a long time.

How much will it actually cost you if you are just starting?

Quite a lot, kite equipment are expensive. A good set for a new price quickly goes towards the 700 or 800 euros, but if you look carefully you can also buy second hand good stuff. In addition, a kite course really need to learn it especially for your own safety and that of other kiters. And

Where are you most looking forward to this summer look?

I look forward to the Board Chicks surf festival obviously (in Scheveningen)! Gonna be great. But I’m really looking forward to the trip to Bonaire, I take my kite with it so I hope I can kite a lot.

** at the time of interview the preparations for the Board Chicks festival were still on.

What is the next surf holiday?

Haha to Bonaire !!

** Bonaire was at the time of interview the next vacation.

Board Check: what kind of board you have?

My board is the Brunotti Onyx

Thank you so much Maaike! And for you guys: do you like to kite?


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