Boardchick of the month: Liliane

Surfing is the thing for her, Liliane’s father was one of the first surfers in the Netherlands. It didn’t take long before Liliane herself went surfing. Since that very first time Liliane is STOKED! Stoked on surfing, bodyboarding and perhaps soon also to longboarding. Let’s ask Liliane all about it, since she is the boardchick of the month ;-)

How old were you when you went surfing for the first time?

I surf since my 11th year. What I’ve heard from my father, it has changed a lot. Before you could not even walk from the sea without the police. Me myself have seen more and more girls getting into the water over years. I remember that sometimes when my sister and I went into the water, we were more like an attraction haha.

As a small Liliane I always wanted to skateboard, but my parents did not think it would work, seeing me falling and bein the unhandy one. Around my 15th I finally really started skateboarding, though I did not like it very much because by that time I was just afraid to fall;) then I prefer surfing. Nowadays I do not do it but I would still like to be able to skate on the boulevard a longboard.

After surfed several years I also started bodyboarding. I remember one of my first rides on a bodyboard: That was pretty kick-ass!

Boardchick of the month: Liliane

Fav boardoutfit?

Obviously a rashguard. Can’t live without it! Ofcourse with a bikini under it, my favourites are from Billabong. They stay put, even when washed away from a wave. And ofcourse some boardshorts in case I do lose my pants. In winter and spring I’d like to wear a wetsuit, but hallelujah, it’s a hell of a job getting it off. I’rather cutt them lose with a scissor ;)

Haha. So what was your best experience?

So many,I had a lot of moment to smile about (except for the more dangerous ones, even though you also learn from those. Love the moments surfing in Scheveningen, but also the beautiful and great beaches in la France, I prefer the last one! ;)

Best location?
La douce France! And I would like to surf in Marocco and bodyboard in Portugal and Australia.

Do you have your own board? 

Yes, an Ocean Magic van Nigel Semmens, hand picked by him. It’s a shortboard and pretty simple in shape and design, white and different coloured edges. Great board to surf in Holland.

I also have a bodyboard from Jeff Hubbard and a skateboard from World Industries.


How would you describe your own style?

I wear what I like and what feels good. Mostly sporty (think kicks, hoodies etc), but sometimes with high heels and very neat. I also like to wear special items like vintage boots in different colours. I Lost My Heart In The #Ocean...

WHat’s your advice for starting chicks?


Don’t think: it’s too difficult (I hear it a lot) Just do it. Before you know it, you can do it and it is a-ma-zing!

Images: Liliane

Psst Liliane, je mag deze button deze maand op je blog ‘dragen’ ;-)

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