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We can learn a lot from this weeks boardchick van deze week when talking about snowboarding. This lady is a real snowboardchicklover, because she visits Hinterglemm (Austria) every year to teach snowboarding for a few week, how awesome is that? And if that isn’t enough, she is also a surfchick! On Style Spy’s Facebook I asked you to vote for this weeks Board Chick of the week: so, let’s meet Board Chick of the week Irene (27) from Amsterdam!

Evey: So, for the people that don’t know you: How did you het into snowboarding?

I went to the slopes for holiday with my parents since I was eleven. I skied for 3 years and after that, when I was 14, I knew I wanted to snowboard. So I started to learn that and at my 21th I received my anwärter, which means  that I can teach. After that I became more active with snowboarding.

Boarchick of the week Irene

Evey:  Are you afraid of something on the slopes or are there difficulties you have to overcome?

‘Well, when I’m on top of an off slope hill I sometimes thought: What the hell am I doing over here. But if you do go, it gives you such a rush!

Evey: What do you like the most? 

Off the slopes, for me thats the coolest thing to do. The feeling when you hit the snow where no one has came is superawesome! Discovering new “roads” is such a great thing to do: ofcourse we always watch our backs, safety first.

Evey:  How often do you practise? 

That depends, some years more than the others. This year I’ll be on the slopes for four years. I’m gonna teach 3 weeks in Saalbach Hinterglemm and will be boarding for the holidays for another week in Sankt Gallenkirch. both close to Austria.

Boarchick of the week Irene
Evey: How do you stay fit for snowboarding?

I actually don’t pay extra attention to it. I like to run so I do have some kind of basics, which does help for snowboarding.

Evey: What are your favourite spots?

I really like Saalbach Hinterglemm for skiing. I really like to go back there. My dream destination?  Snowboarding in the Rocky mountains.

Boarchick of the week Irene

Evey: How would you descibe your style? 

Casual and sporty. I used to wear a lot of Nikita and Roxy and walked on sneakers all day. But I wear Mango and Zara more often nowadays.

Evey: What are your plans for the summer?

I would love to go to the Madness festival in Holland. It’s a surf/music festival on Ameland where you can attend loads of (surf) workshops and  there are a lot of bands during the night. I would really like that!

A little boardcheck

I have a Burton lipstick, 1.49. A very nice board to ride on.

Boarchick of the week Irene

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