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interview met sanne de jong van chicky clinics

Yesterday you read all about the fun Chicky Clinics organization founded by Sanne de Jong. Today I ask Sanne all about Chicky Clinics, and of course her love for boardsports. This week a special Board Chick of the week, an interview with Sanne de Jong from Chicky Clinics.

Evey: Hi Sanne, we are really wondering how you started with Chicky Clinics.

I’m with Chicky Clinics started after I graduated in 2009. I wanted something for girls in the funsports to come. There are many girls who are interested in these sports, but have no friends that they can practice these sports with. The only step to start is a big one for many. The Clinics and trips Chicky Clinics offering, will lower this threshold. There are girls who like to meet other girls, but also girls who find the clinics fun for surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, longboarding, etc. with other girls! Whether it’s your first time or you often practice the sport, it is always nice! D

Evey: What exactly is a clinic, what can we expect?

A clinic is a sort of workshop where you can get acquainted with a particular sport or just lift your skills to a higher level. The clinics are almost always made ​​by women. These girls know how it is to deal with fears and how to overcome them. They can fully respond to the participants and ultimately ensure a successful experience! Each clinic is different. If you go to a clinic you can expect a fun day with other girls! And go home with new skills, new friends and a goodie bag!

Evey: How many clinics do you organize and where do you go (do you go with them)?

In the summer we organize an average of 7 clinics and about 2 trips abroad. And in the winter we organize an average of 3 clinics and 2 trips to the snow! The surf trips go to Morocco and Spain, and in the winter we go freeriding in mecca St. Anton and the freestyle paradise in Mayrhofen! The clinics are organized throughout the Netherlands. And I’m 99% always there, because I like to see the reactions of the participants. And ofcourse to hear what they thought about it

Evey: And what if you really are a beginner beginner?

You can certainly count on us as a beginner. Chicky clinics are also for girls who wish to learn a new sport, but also for girls who already have experience and want to improve their skills.

Evey: What can you say about the girls who sign up?

I see a lot of the girls coming back at the clinics and / or travel. That’s very nice to see! The girls who come to the clinics are roughly between the ages of 13-40 years. Very varied so! And the girls who go to strip are often between 20 and 40 years. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are there to be with only one goal. And that’s the same for everyone! And that automatically creates a fun band. Whether you’re 45 or 13 years old.

Evey: What was your best Chicky Clinics experience?

It’s hard to choose, because I just like each Chicky clinics event. It’s so nice to see everyone leave with a smile after they have attended a clinic. Or when they’re totally stoked about what they have learned. That’s where I do it for. Therefore, all clinics and trips for me are the best

Evey: And of course we’re curious: What boardsports do you practice yourself?

I love being on my longboard in the summer for cruising through the park. And when the waves are good, I drive at Wijk aan zee for a surf session. Occasionally you can find me on the wakeboard course or in the skate park, but I’m not so good at. I think all are boardsports fun to do, but sometimes you have to make choices! In the winter I mainly do free skiing. Playing in the powdery snow and if no fresh snow, I’m in the park. A few days a year I get on my snowboard for a change. I find it very nice to the park to go on my board since I have not much experience in the park, so that brings great tension with it! Even for a small box I get butterflies in my tummy!

Evey: And at last which clinic are you looking forward to the most this year?

Next summer we will again innovative clinics to organize. I’m very curious how girls will react and what they think! So there I really look forward to it! And of course the upcoming Freestyle Trip to Mayrhofen! Where we have 5 days of freestyle clinics backfire, to enjoy the sun and the best parties!

Chicky facts

In addition, Chicky Clinics also launched her own shop, called Chicky Store. In this shop you can find products that are related to the clinics. In the winter we sell winter accessories, such as first layer, gloves, hats, goggles, second layers. And in the summer we sell surf & beach accessories such as bikinis, sunglasses, bags, & c. The webshop Chicky Store is newly opened since last winter. And although Sanne loves snowboarding, surfing and longboarding a lot, she does focus more on free skiing!

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Nice weekend!

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