Boardlifestylebrands you should know (according to me) | part I

As board chick you’ll want to be aware of the hottest board lifestyle brands, right?. But certainly if you’re not a chick board and just loves the lifestyle board or not, there are always a few items that you can add to your wardrobe. My favorites you of course already know if you’re a frequently follower of my blog. I love Roxy always but I also love Nikita, Brunotti, Billabong and more brands (or collections of items from their collections) begin to conquer my heart. I love color, jogging fabrics, jumpers …. and so on!

So let’s quickly move on to a list of board lifestyle brands, which I think you should know, if only by name. Perhaps you also knew?


Protest was founded by a group of snowboarders from the Netherlands! They want to make the world a better place for boarders. Both on the slopes and in the water. Protest designs fashionable and functional board wear at an affordable price. Remind the world that boarding about fun is their goal! Protest is a brand for anyone with a need for boarding.


Brunotti is an international lifestyle brand, also established in the Netherlands. They develop products around boardsports: boards, apparel, footwear, bags, eyewear and stationery. Brunotti focuses on people who are active in board sports, but also lovers of this. No lover of the sport, but into the beach and / or snow? Even then, there is something for you!


I discovered this brand  in one of the many skate shops in Berlin: Titus. Great store if you love skateboarding brands and urban! I myself am completely blown away by the duocoloured sweaters, my ultimate fav Mazine item! Mazine is a brand, founded in 1998, which combines Functional Streetwear and stands for contemporary design. The items are made ​​of, how could it be otherwise, active little people in the city or who like to spend their time in nature. Lots of attention to functional design so.

“Mazine – Everybody From Everywhere”.

 What do you think, love to add it to your wardrobe?

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