Boardsport & travel favorites: Planetik & Nomad bus

I believe I’m one of the few bloggers who does’n make lists and favorites. But they are so nice. Perhaps it’s the fault of my oh so ambitious plans. I want everything. I do everything. I’m a centipede (can I say that in English? We call it duizendpoot in Dutch), but that explains the chaos in my head (and in my smartphone, computer, on my desk). I have folders, bookmarks, and a lot of other documents filled with favorite websites, worth to save Pinterest photos, interesting for the blog, interesting for my career and so on… Luckily I have Evernote (favorite app thusfar). Today there will be order in the chaos, starting with these two favorites that I wanted to share for some time with you: Planetik and the Let’s be Nomads.


Blogger and board chick of the week Marta interns at Planetik and asked me if I could pay some attention to this organization. That was a while ago (sorry Martha), but I hadn’t forgotten. Planetik is an eco-friendly brand, focused on the love for nature. The organization was founded in 2006 in France, Biarritz and works closely with the Surfrider Foundation. Together they make garments of organic cotton and organic material. Thanks for sharing Marta, I love the idea behind it!

The love for the environment, a typical French taste of fashion and an healthy lifestyle are the perfect combo which makes Planetik a one of a kind brand.


The Nomad bus

Tim Boffe and Val Cook, two nomads with a huge passion for snow sports like want to give other people unforgettable moments in the mountains (and on the coast) with their Nomad bus, a pow-chasing hostel on wheels. Last year they raised money through crowdfunding to realize their dream. Currently they are working hard to rebuild the American schoolbus to a hostel on wheels that will ride to various locations, as long as there is snow and good waves. The coming years they will drive through the Alps in winter and in the summer they will explore the Atlantic coast. Can I come?

The bus is for everyone, whether you are young or old, are looking for an unique experience and are not afraid of adventure. You have to love not planning your trip all detailed in advance.

Skilled Nomads, rainbows and gladiators

Credit photos: Let’s be Nomads and Planetik

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