Boardsports | this weeks favourites

You canprobably imagine what a happy child I was when in Fuerteventura with all these surfshop. According to my boyfriend, who has been at the westcoast of France, it wasn’t even such a typical surfvillage, Fuerte. I cannot therefore not imagine the happiness I would experience when in a real surfvillage and actually go shopping over there.

But hey, back to normal mode. I think it must be all these amazing colours that makes me love boardsportsbrands so much. Because all the items I sampled for you guys are colourful and pink. Because, tomboy or not, like me some pink! Click the items below to directly put all these stuff in your bag XD. Oh and the most below items, I secretlly already got :D

boardsports favourites, roxy, nikita,

Skateboard, Shorts, skateboard case , wetsuit, hoodie

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