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Certain brands makes fashion girls very happy! Fashion brands that make clothes that always fit and have a long life, with a neverending surprising touch, with an even better collection than last year. WILDFOX is such a brand. Original, willed and quite appropriate to me as a person. So what’s up with Wildfox!


[one_half]Founders and designers Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon are the creative force behind Wildfox. Both are inspired by sleepovers, fairies, dreams, vintage t-shirts, books, and especially their friendship together. You might recognize their “We’re the kids in America collection, inspired by the movie clueless[/one_half]

Wildfox is an American vintage inspired (I love!) label that has a focus on girls with a sense of style but want to remain true to their own identity and personality. For chicks with self-confidence and believe in themselves. WILDFOX is, like the website says: for dreamers, for loved ones, skinny dippers, barefoot on discovery and late-night chocolate-eaters. In short: for the wild & free and young at heart.

WILDFOX collection: original and cocky 

WILDFOX easily combines quality with fashion to original, knitted items. The pieces from the collection The items from the collection will all be produced in small copies,in this way each item remains unique and you will not easily find someone else in your shirt. WILDFOX is also very popular among trendsetters and celebrities. Beyonce and supermodel Alessandro Ambrosi already have been spotted in a creation of WILDFOX.

Mix & Match

The WILFDOX collection simply suits with other items from your wardrobe. A nice skinny jean, a denim short or the leatherlook! It all matches perfectly with the soft prints and awesome colours! If you are a sneakerlover or a highheel lovers, Wildfox is perfect!

You will find the collection of Wildfox on

My favourites from the Wildfox collection

Hawaii tee
Feathers tee
“Like, Totally for sure” tee

Next time a new brand i heart! Which brand do you heart?

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