Slopes, chalets & hot chocolatemilk

Christmas abroad. 2 years ago I celebrated christmas in Italy, with the family of my boyfriend. Without snow ofcouse, it’s Italy. But real christmas as we always picture in our minds, with wooden houses and hot chocolate milk with sour cream, that was always some kind of obsession from when I was young. This year I celebrated christmas in the snow, in that house,with chocolate milk and on the slopes!

Saint Jean d'Arves

Last friday I left Holland for a week at the slopes and a chalet in The French Alpes. This and Austria, is the place where dutch people go to when they are looking for snow to ride on. We went to the cute little village named: Saint Jean dÁrves. It’s mostly popular with families, close to the slopes and part of a bigger ski area around Sybelles. Last week, this was the place where I took my first snowboarding lessons, felt every muscle in my body, drank hot chocolate milk on a sunny terrace, watched Home Alone in my appartment with a great view over the mountains! I did miss the arrival of Santa (shoot!), but I celebrated Christmas with my love. Perfect. Christmas.

Saint Jean d'Arves

Appartement Marmottes Saint Jean d'Arves

All a traveler needs - a good view

Saint Jean d'Arves

You enjoyed your christmas?

P.s Great weather, a lot of sun & plenty of snow

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