Day 6: What you ate today

I’ve been thinking a lot about posting a recepe for you on the blog. Problem is, I can’t read recepes (I just don’t understand them) so you can imagine how hard it must be for me to even make up one!  Problems start at buying ingredients, like where can i find ginger or at home, how to slash the paprica? Yeah, as you can see I’m such a noob when it comes to cooking. Luckily for me my mom got the best recipes and my boyfriend isn’t a bad cook at all! No, I don’t need that microwave, right?

Anyways, to show you what I do eat, this q from the 30 days challenge was written for me! Just for the record, I wrote this post on saturday, meaning: I did not eat this today, on tuesday the 12th of June ;-) Just so you know

Pandan rice with tomatoes, chicken and  Thai kerry sauce 

Sticky Rice, cocos, palmsugar and salt with Mango (mama’s recepe) for desert!



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