Choose your heels wisely

Buying shoes, it seems easy, and it is, the buying. I mean, just throw your creditcard in the face of the saleswoman and voila, she will kindly reward you with a bag full of shoes. But finding the right high heels, thát seems quite a big challenge. How often did you surprise yourself with painful blisters or going down in front of a fully loaded terrace? Embarrassing, yeah I know the feeling.

But how do you choose the perfect heels wisely?


You want to be taller, but taller than your boyfriend, I can’t imagine any woman would want that, right? So focus on the length of your heels, when going out with your man. Adjust the heel on his length and the occasion. A little wisdom for Katie: if you do ensist on being taller than your Tommy, do it right and add 10 centimers on top of it!

Troubles with the length? Get yourself a pair of platform heels for an extra length boost and hold on a bit longer than on stilettos. For example this Nelly Caden shoe, length guaranteed. Heel hight 14 cm, you can add these on top of your height!


You’ve seen yourself making funny dancemoves a dozen times, just to not lay on the ground. You are a real heel lover, just like little Kim Kardashian, but you don’t want to look how she does.

I hope Kanye didn’t see that move of her…

Kim had better taken a pair of wedges home with her. Wedges are well know for their super length and to stay better in balance. Furthermore, there’s no change of getting stuck between the sidewalks. These Columbine wedges from Nelly are also fashionable by the extra straps around the ankle.

Got yourself enough tips to choose your heels wisely? No? Well lucky us, we got online shops to quietly think about our buy before we hit the infamous  “Checkout” button. Goodluck!

P/Nelly & Just Jared

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