I’m cheatin’: Roxy lookbook snow

Just a moment of cheat with Roxy. Though I traded her temporarily for Nikita, I just had to share her new look. Wow she looks great huh? I would say they’re trying to make me jealous with those bright colors, ugh, of course I love those.

Favorite? The always super nice shots that they take of themselves of the most fantastic places. Hopefully I can also have some nice moments with Nikita and capture myself to make her  jealous “back”. Check out this Roxy Lookbook below!

Mountain view, Roxy, snow, 2014

Roxy goggles collection 2014

Love all the pink!

Roxy lookbook 2014 2015 skiing outfit

Roxy ski outfit

Roxy snowboard

So fierce!

Roxy girls

Amazing people! <3 Roxy

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