Suppen rondom El Nido

Discover the beaches in El Nido with a stand up paddle board

[highlight ] The islands at El Nido are the most beautiful I have seen during my (many) travels around the world. When you arrive by ferry you will see the clear water, palm trees and cute fishing village.[/highlight]


Tourists come mainly to El Nido for island hopping and snorkeling / diving. But you can also enjoy El Nido with a stand up paddle board. For example, choose the almost deserted beaches in the south of El Nido, such as Ipil Ipil Beach.

Escape the touristic El Nido with your sup

El Nido is quite touristy. That’s why it can be nice to escape the crowds and rent a Stand-up paddle (SUP) board and go explore on your own. Take a lot of sunscreen and food + enough water with you, because it is a lot of paddling before you discover a beach you like, like the one below. We found this beach almost deserted, there was just one house and no-one around.

Go paddle northwest around the El Nido. After a good hour of paddling you finally get out at Ipil Ipil Beach. But in between there are still small beaches where you can recover from the hard work, I know I did!

I also became myself became seasick from the sea and had to stop a bit more often. A tip when you feel seasick, jump into the water. I couldn’t do it cause I’m scared of fish haha. Very dissapointing because according to my boyfriend Luciano, snorkeling in El Nido is fantastic.

Rent a supboard in the village of El Nido

You can rent a supboard at various locations in El Nido, for example at Wazsupelnido, cool name right? MOst of the time you can rent the board for half a day or full day. We chose a whole day because we did not feel like paddling very hard in the end and we were glad we did. At the end it felt more like surviving and finding the best way too paddle hard than enjoying it haha. But that’s just due to our fitness level, like in Krabi Thailand when we got so over kajaking.

Check the weather and the wind in advance on El Nido. We went back halfway Ipil Ipil 2 Beach because we saw lightning strike hit the water.


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