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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Dublin in the fall is fantastic when you make a trip to the Wicklow Mountains. Consider the mix of green, yellow and orange colored mountains. But when you think of autumn, you think of rain. Ireland is unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Fall or no fall. On an average, in Northern Ireland falls about one thousand millimeters of rain per year, evenly spread over the whole year. So buckle up, just go to Dublin in the fall and enjoy the beautiful colors in the St Greens Park, relax in a nice coffee shop, shop in the nicest street in Dublin and end your day with Guinness beer. You’ll love it. Okay, so let’s spy into Dublin.

Art Cafe

After our amazing night in a guest room my boyfriend and went as soon as possible out to have some breakfast. The street from our hostel runs under the tracks of the subway. My gaze is drawn to a small café that looks like an alternative cafe: the Art Cafe. Normally we always seek very long to find a nice place to eat, but I decided that we go into the first best (alternative) spot. This seems to be quite our style. Moments later, the cafe is getting crowded so I believe the Art café is popular. Inside you will find a bookshelf where you can exchange books. Halloween decorations still hang in the pub with and you’ll ding all cool photos on the wall.

If you choose a sandwich with avocado egg you get it with (veeery salty) chips. Need some time to get used to that I guess. Handy fact: there is gluten free food!

The side of the cafe looks a bit cheesy, it’s a dirty alley. Fortunately the door is in the front, which looks a bit cozier. You can even sit outside. What all Irishmen here just do. They walked around in shorts around this time of the year. Deathly normal.

Trinity Library

The Trinity College Library is the University of the Trinity College. Right after our breakfast we decide to visit the famous masterpiece Book of Kells and visit this library. The library is housed in five buildings, four of which are located on the campus of the university and one in St. James’s Hospital, University Hospital Dublin. The Book of Kells exhibition shows how the book is written. You get to see the book behind glass and see how big it is. The original book consisted of one book but is divided into several parts. I found the library in particular the most interesting. I got this Harry Potter feeling.

The books in the library are currently being restored. There are many old pieces that look like they will fall apart instantly when you pull the out of the bookcases. Furthermore you will find many books by genre. From Harry Potter to Viking myths.

St. Stephen’s Green Park

When we walk out of the library, ofcourse it’s raining. We’re going to kill our time in the busiest shopping street in Dublin (Grafton Street). I myself had some things on the wish list and always seize the opportunity to score a few things that we do not have in the Netherlands. So I watched Dr. Phil the other day, just once (confession haha!) A serum in his show was voted the best. Of course I had to have it for my foreehead wrinkles;-)

And we spotted all sorts of Star Wars merchandise in the Disney store and the new Disney cooperation in the Vans store. It made me so greedy but I stopped myself after the serum. So proud of me;-)

When it stops raining, we walk to St. Stephen’s Green park just off Grafton Street. The park has a rectangular shape and is enclosed by wide streets. The park is full of yellow-green leaves, so beautiful.

Christ Church Cathedral

From the park we walk to the Christ Church Cathedral, also known as The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. It is the oldest of the two cathedrals of the Church of Ireland in Dublin. I must secretly admit, my friend and I thought this was the St Patricks church and luckily we found out in time, otherwise I would have posted photos here with the text St Patricks Church :) oops bad travel blogger.

Ha’penny Bridge

Along the way we arrived at the Ha’penny Bridge. This is one of the few to-do things I had picked in advance. It is the symbol of Dublin, takes its name from the price of the toll that pedestrians had to pay to cross the river Liffey: one half old penny. Officially the bridge was named “Wellington Bridge”. The bridge was initially made of cast iron, but because it quickly wears away of the bridge, they restored it in 2001 and 2003 and has been given a new white color. Originally the bridge was black.

The other side of the Ha’Penny Bridge

The Ha’Penny bridge

Guinness tasting and the Whelans pub

A day in Dublin is not complete without the pub and some Guinness beer. To finish our day we sipped some Guiness beer around four o’clock in the afternoon. Well, we we’re on holiday, so it’s allowed right? The Guinness Storehouse in St James’s Street in Dublin is the place where from 1759 to 1988 the Guinness was brewed. The color of Guinness is often mistaken for black, but in the right light you can see that the beer is actually ‘ruby red’, as confirmed by Guinness itself.

We picked a random pub and I forgot to write down the location.

If you’re looking for a somewhat touristy but fun place to drink beer? Anouk and I ended up at the pub Whelan. Must-do for suckers from the movie PS I love you <3 Not seen yet? Go watch it!

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