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Travelspy | My Favorites on the East coast of Australia

The East coast of Australia is the place to be if you are in Australia, but also relatively short if you like parties, surfing, snorkeling or diving and nature lovers. My top 3?

Great Barrier Reef

Just a little snorkeling between tropical fish? Hell no! Snorkeling in the Great Barrier is stunningly beautiful! You can from multiple places, such as on the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. Maybe a little crazy for someone who constantly about surfing somewhere else, but I am afraid of fish and sharks. And then I also exaggerate not, because I jump all of my chair when I come and see over a docu with fish by sharks I literally get goose bumps.

Fortunately, the browsing, but for snorkeling I have really struggled, a lot of effort just to name a piece of Great Barrier Reef. I had to go into that water and koraaltjes and Nemo's spotting! The Great Barrier Reef is the largest and most famous reef in the world. You see everything passing: clownfishes so, as Nemo, turtles (unfortunately not spotted) and unfortunately also groups zebra fish (how colored, the faster I want to the water). I will no doubt be more fish have been spotted, but I was pretty occupied by the back and forth floundering. I had myself a snorkeling partner assigned which I had to keep track of, if there are sharks come he would be the first to be bitten anyway? Anyways, I would really really like to diving, but I'm afraid I by the fear go hyperventilating, and whether we want to experience that well under water, no thanks. Must see spot!

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, with a rain forest full of creepy spiders and giant lizards. Whom I would not have spotted, the only thing I was pretty terrified, the dingoes in the evening around your tent along the beach walk around in search of food. I have never been afraid for dogs, don't own a dog, but I'm so ever by a wild dog bitten in Thailand and you can imagine that you get that reminder unfortunately carry with you. Maarrr, on the island, you can only by 4 x 4 jeep with which you mainly on the Fraser Highway driving, so that's a 70 km long beach. Inside the island's streams and lakes with pure blue water! Very cosy with a mixed group of cultures 3 days and 2 nights self cooking, making fire and crossen on the highway of Fraser!

The Whitsundays

If I need to make a top three of the most beautiful places I've ever been then I nominate The Whitsunday's for gold! The Whitsunday's stands for 74 islands among which you can sail with a sailing boat. You leave from the party Airlie Beach holiday as quiet and can both sail boat out to sea. I would definitely not for a day trip, but for a few days of sailing. Nature is so beautiful that your blinded by the white sand and you all can see through the water. And if you are like me a little bit of luck, then swimming in the morning also dolfijen next to your boat! God, I miss it!

Who or who is in Australia? Would love to trade stories!

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