Event report: Motocross clinics at Chicky Clinics

If you search the thrillseeker adventure on. Yes too, or might be right, if it’s scary. There you get faster an adrenaline shot of. At least I though. I’ve always had a soft spot for the tough women image. I used all the kind of girl that of roofs in the trees start, prefer transformers cars wanted than dolls (which I found but ugly) and those Dutch Championships trampoline jumping. Of course there are many stoerdere women and is also tough but the word relative. That I discovered once again on the Chicky Clinics by young: Motocross. Believe me, I am ashamed to be a bit tough to label it received. The amount of female testosterone (that?) that walk around there. And no, no kenau’s. All female women who like me thrillseeker. Much sturdier than I though. Owner S know weather the best clinics on Chicky Clinics create possibilities. Possibilities to try something badass, out of your comfort zone, where Style Spy stands for, jajh for that!

The sold out Motocross clinic (which by popularity this summer might be a Repechage) explains you badass content be some. It was an electric motor, I was with nodding leg on the (heavy) engine, which first round. The sad thing to electric is the lack of the sound of Motocross. I am from Axes and there you have of course the annual TT races Sunday and you hear the sound of dirt bikes near the best sound. But since you only need to gases and brakes on an electric dirt bike you have the drive to do so under the knee. At real Motocross you must learn switch, where you do not have enough to 3 times 10 minutes. The third round I drove booing (in mind, I keep an introvert) about the job, the bend with my inner foot in the air and dared I extra gas. What a confidence in one clinic can build up. I have fed my addiction for adrenaline again until next week on the MadNes festival where I go surfing again. But wherever I go learn windsurfing and graffiti spraying. I’ve been looking forward to it.

How was your weekend?

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