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Yeah, some fashion on Style Spy for once. Because no matter how much I travel, I (which woman doesn’t?) love clothes And really I am looking for a hat for ages. I spotted one in New York for nearly 55 dollars. Just a little too much. But once in the Netherlands the hat was still in my head. When I was in London a month later, I was looking for that store again and there I did not buy the hat again. Too expensive. Also in Topshop I tried some hats, unfortunately there was no hat that looked good to me. When it comes to caps, they are almost all perfect for me, backwards? It doesn’t matter. But what they have in common: they’re Tom Boyish. But hats. I have a curse for neat clothes I believe. I’m starting to get frustrated: P

I’m still obsessed with such a beautiful hat (especially when I spotted one at blogger Anouk). It is a wonderful item to go from late summer to early autumn, right?

hat, asos, vilt. felt

2. Free People
3. H&M
4. Asos

Do you have a hat head?

* Take this article especially with a grain of salt-) as we say in Dutch (not that serious)

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