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A few weeks back I asked you guys to send me your question for the cool surfcamp organisation Chicks on Waves. Katrien started these camps around 4 years ago in Marocco out of love for surfing and the culture amongst it! Meanwhile she traded Morocco for Portufal and ofcourse she joins the girls on their camps. Did you send in an question? Then you might find them in this post or next friday, when Katrien will be featured as the Boardchick of the week! 

Evey: Hi Katrien, we are curious about how you started these cool camps!
Well, like I said, I started 4 years ago. A friend of mine from Morocco asked me to organise a surfcamp for his own organisation, for girls in Taghazout. Ofcourse I saw it a a great challenge and in november 2009, the very first Chicks on Waves was a fact! It was so awesome. Learning to surf with a few like-minded chicks is pretty special if you ask me. You can share experiences en just go with it (read: dropping in the most flattering way).

Evey: Sounds fantastic ;-) And what else can we expect from a Chicks on Waves vacation?
It’s pretty much a sporty holiday with friends! The difference is that most girls don’t know eachother in the beginning and everything is taken care of. Your days will pretty much look like this:

In the morning: 
An hour yoga with our teacher Shaini to warmen up. While practicing you have a great view on the ocean with the sun on your face.

After that we have a great healthy breakfast with different breads, muesli, juices, fresh fruit havermout, sapjes, vers fruit, yoghurt en muesli.)

You’ll get 2 lessons a day, 1,5h per lesson (for 5 days), from the sweetest surfchicks ever. These experiences girls will learn you their best tricks of surfing. Afther that you’ll split up in two groups so you will learn surfing quicker and better! Inbetween you can lay and chill on the beach or at the beach shag of the surfing school. A surfboard and wetsuit are included in the whole package.

Our cook Anina makes a nice dish every day, or you can choose to make your own dish. The days when there are no surfing lessons, you can explore the environment and the cute towns Lagos or Sagres. The surflodge has a view over the ocean and 4 bedrooms with your own bathroom! You will sleep in a room with 2 or 3 other girls. There are maximum of 8 people a week. You can also choose to book only a place to sleep in the surflodge (with or without yoga) .

These weeks are for beginners or the more experienced girls. There are also special camps for the more experienced girls. These do not include surfinglessons.

Evey: How many trips do you organise and where do you go (do you join them)?
There are about 10 trips on the program. Almost every month! Mostly I will be there. We will stay in Portugal for a bit, but maybe later on you can book a trip to a more tropical place…

Evey: Wauw, sounds great! And what kind of girls book these trips? 
Most of them are between 20 and 35 from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switserland and America/ These are girls who would like to learn surfing or just getting better at it. It’s always very cosy!

Jennifer: How do you explain the fact that there are more and more girls who surf. It wasn’t always like that, right? Do you have any idea?
Well, it is a hype at the moment in Europ, with man in the line-up. I think that female surfers do take more initiative to get woman into water, which is really great! (Fora, workshops, clinics, festivals,…). Different surfbrands do sponsor these activities which gives more exposure to ‘surf for girls’ which makes more girls go surfing. In australia there are almost as much women as men who surf, so why not? 

LounaBeauty: FHWS: first help at surfing, what not to do? 


  • Not using sunscreen (at least factor 50);
  • Head first diving from the board (try to fall flat and protect the head when coming above the water;
  • Your board between you and the wave (best is to hold it next to you);
  • Putting your finger between the leash (you can seriously lose your fingers);
  • Surfing in the waves you’re afraid of (there is a reason why you’re afraid) ;

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