Find your love // Soul & Surf Retreat

Have you found your passion? Your love? Ed & Sofie Templeton knew what it was and followed their dream, inspired by a poem by David Heatt. They ended up in India with their Soul & Surf retreat. To promote their way of life and their retreat, they made the Find Your Love video, about what makes you happy. Living their dreams and goals in life.The poem was nailed to the fridge, to remember them that life is short and life day by day and knowing that taking risks can be a good thing. The video of their retreat consist of beautiful shots of surf, yoga and locals from India, mostly at Kerala Beach in India (wow!) narrated by this poem of David Heatt. It makes you think of you life and passion.

The story behind Soul & Surf:

Ed & Sofie took a risk, resigned, travelled the world and surrendered to surfing, yoga and rest in India. After that they set up the first Surf & Yoga retreat in India. Not at first as a company but as extension of their passion for surf and yoga: to spend the day doing things you feel passionate about and have a positive impact on the life of others. They did a good job!

To celebrate the launch of this film Soul & Surf, you can win a two week trip to their retreat, Soul & Surf retreat, on their website (not mine) by describing what is your love. your passion and dream?

Over here you can find more about the competition.

Do you ever feel like time is passing you by

Did you ask yourself what is stopping you

When is the last time you took a risk

Did you remember how alive it made you feel

There are no guarantees to success

It’s not called a leap of faith for nothing

There is never a right time, you’ll be too old, too young

It’s not too late

Feeling inspired yet?

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