Board chick of the week: Francisca Meijer

Francisca Meijer (21) from Amsterdam began with water sports when she was 6 (!). Her parents picked her from the water when she tried to water ski and they wanted let her do it the right way. Nowadays she practices several board sports and she has participated in the NK wakeboarding. Who is this tough chick?

Job: Student
Education: Dentistry
Favorite music: Ska/reggae
Favorite food: sweet potato French fries
Where you once dreamed of? I wanted to be a singer
Where you dream of? travelling the world, discover places and, above all, make people happy by getting them acquainted with boardsports and teaching.
Favorite place in the world? In January I have been in Zanzibar to kite in Paje beach. That’s a small paradise. So at this moment it’s Paje, but it can always change.

How did you get started with boardsports?
When I was 6 my parents picked me from the water while I tried to water ski behind the boat of girlfriends. Because they wanted me to start the right way if I was gonna learn that, they bought me a mini set of water skis. After 10 years I saw a boy fly on a wakeboard on the Loosdrecht Lakes, it turned out to be Marc Kroon (now also known via Red Bull). I Immediately thought: I want this! So I got a wakeboard for my birthday and went somewhere early in the month of March to try it with the winter coats still on. I was totally hooked. After I’ve done that a number of years and became a member of DERM, a club of students who board sport and have fun. Now I have to choose what boardsport I want to do!

What is the board lifestyle for you?
Check the predictions every day, do a quick session in the morning before you go to your studies/work.

Have you ever experienced something frightening?
In 2011 some of my teeth broke doing a frontroll at the NK wakeboarding. Not a nice feeling, but whether it was really scary, I don’t know. The only thing I really regretted at the time was that I could not finish my run.

What are your favorite places to boarding?
Schellinkhout, Medemblik and the Lakes ‘ Loosdrechtse plassen’.

What is a board chick must-have?
A nice wetsuit and a yoga mat!

What tip would you give others to start boarding?
Mainly just do things. Go for it, sign up for clinics, workshops or such things. Don’t think of what other will think.
And above all: start with yoga. That has helped me a lot in terms of stability, knowledge of your body and flexibility.

What advice would you give to yourself when you just started?
Don’t become frustrated if something fails. It is far too nice to do.

What are your summer plans in terms of boarding?
Last year I started with kiting and I am now working on my raley, so I would very much like to be able to do that one well. I’m probably going to Mirns to have a new spot to get to know and to Lake Como to kite/wakeboard. And maybe to Portugal to learn surfing.

What is your ultimate tip!
Search for friends who like it to be in the water as well! It’s a huge incentive to practice things together and you can push each other!

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