Fuerteventura, and the downside

I get many question after I wrote about my surfadventures in Fuerteventura. Yeah it was amazing. But after a sweet reply of one of my readers, who told me she made the decision to go surfing in Fuerte, after reading my blog it kinda struck me. What if Fuerteventura isn’t as great as I wrote? What if everything through a DSLR lense and awesome Go Pro movies colour reality? What if they get teached by this awful surfteacher? Although I’m always honest on Style Spy, I have to say this.

I am always honest on my blog. As a reader myself I find it very important that the blogs I read, display total honesty. You shouldn’t be mentioning it, but it’s not always that clear  (sometimes sponsored posts don’t help the credibility of a blogger). There are blogger I trust like, almost blind if they give their opinion about a product or travel. But I never write about something I don’t like, I would hate myself for it.

But even though I don’t write any bad review on Style Spy. Is every experience an amazing experience. And is that one of my missions for Style Spy: positivity and enthusiasm. I mean would you like to read about my bad hair day when you typed in the url of my blog? Would you like to know how horribly long the workdays can be? I thought so. I hope you understand that I want to write about positive things. That I save every beautiful photo for the blog. That there are hours of work made before you can see my movies. That sometimes, I really have to think about how to write something down. It’s not always that easy, but resulting in an even more beautiful final blogpost then when I started writing.

That there is nothing else to do on Fuerteventura than golfsurfing, sup and kiting. And yes you can go out, burn on the beach and travel the island in one day. But the island reminds me of a desert, it’s dry, there aren’t much plants and  sometimes you see a goat. But oh how I love the water, how the blue looks so pretty on the white sand. I love a little Hawaï in Europe and the cocktailbars. I love meeting travel- and surfminded people in the hostel. Making long walks down the beach and wondering if that big rock accross the sea is Tenerife. I love the surfvibe, but mostly I love being tired after a day of surf. Getting your energy back at the rooftop and later eat icecream whilst shopping at the boulevard. That I feel guilty about the ice afterwards and burned my belly at the rooftop? I didn’t mention it. But that ain’t fun, right?

If you love watersport, I’d say do it! Else, better consider going to the other Canarian Islands. So, I said that.

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