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15 Hotspots in Groningen

Groningen has many good hotspots. Are you going to visit Groningen for the first time or have you been living in Groningen for a while? Then you should visit these hotspots for sure. The hotspots are compiled based on my own and readers ‘ experiences.

Groningen hotspots

Photo via Pavilion

1. Paviljoen Sterrebos

The pavilion Sterrebos is not located in the city centre, but you have to bike there. The interior is contemporary and you will find a lot of natural stone and plants. The spacious restaurant is an excellent place for groups of 2 to 150 persons. The pavilion also has a terrace with views of the pond and the Kempkensberg City garden.

The kitchen uses products from the three northern provinces, if possible. The dishes can be ordered at any time of the day, there is no separate lunch and dinner menu!

Menu: ALL DAY menu. The dishes can be ordered at any time of the day. 
Location: Helperzoom 3b
Price: $ $

Concerthuis Groningen

2. The Concerthuis

Popular among the locals is the Concert Hall in Groningen. Are you in Groningen on a Sunday? Try the hangover brunch where you can scoop up unlimited for only €11. Make sure you are there between 10.30 and 14 hours because the hangover brunch ends at 15 o’clock. What to eat? We ate toasted waffles, but also cake, sweets and healthy salads. Something for everyone!

Location: Poelestraat 30
Price: € €
€ type of food: Dutch and international

3. Wadapartja

At Wadapartja you can go for an extensive lunch and cake. They also have a physical shop in front of the restaurant with Nice presents for your house house and the interior is also very laid back! Meanwhile, Wadapartja has a second restaurant at the Zernike campus (University) and a third one will be at the corner on the Pottebakkersrijge. Coming soon!

The menu includes, for example, Local Meadows, but you can also order a vegan burger at Wadapartja, which is very nice! View the menu of Wadapartja.

Location: Damped South deep 39-41 Pr
ice: € € €

Wadapartja is my GO TO if I want lunch in Groningen.

4. Spaak: Espressobar & Cycling Café

Spaak is a strange duck in Groningen. It is indeed a cycling café.
At the café, they serve coffee, espresso, latte and a variety of delicacies such as banana bread, caramel short cake and apple pie. In addition, you can find all kinds of cool bicycles and bicycle products. 

Every weekend a ride of about 60 km starts on Saturday and Sunday morning (10:00h). 

Location: Boteringestraat 66 Boteringestraat 66 brstrongPrice:strong € €

5. Anat Healthy & Vega

On the edge of the Noorderplantsoen, you’ll find Anat, a place where you can have a healthy lunch in Groningen. Think of vegetable food, cappuccinos with almond milk and delicious fruit juices. In addition, Anat is located just outside the Noorderplantsoen, the best park in Groningen.

Location: Verlengde Grachtstraat 1 1-a short ten minute walk from the Grote Markt
Price: € €

6. The Uurwerker

The Uurwerker has become a very popular hotspot among Groningen students in a short time. The Uurwerker has a very strategic location: next to the Harmonie building of the university, where you will find the Faculty of Arts (where I also studied).

The Uurwerker is the place for the pizzas from the wood-burning oven or to have a nice drink in Groningen they also have a large terrace-a kind of square-where you will also find nice pubs like the Pintelier (ideal for the friday afternoon drinks).

Location: Uurwerkersgang 24
Price: € €
€ type of food: Dutch and international

7. Proeflokaal Mout

At Proeflokaal Mout, you’ll find a pretty extensive beer menu. Ofcourse most bears are brewed in Grunn, but here you will only find beer from Dutch breweries! It’s a nice to add your Untaped beer list. Follow me on Untapped? View my Untapped account.

Proeflokaal Mout can be found at the Gedempte Zuiderdiep 43

Dead Pony Craft Beer Groningen
Dead Pony at Terrace The Cabin

8. The Cabin

For a nice beer and a terrace at the Zuiderdiep, you should visitThe Cabin-in the same street as Proeflokaal Mout. Looking for a summer beer? Go for an Elvis juice or a Dead Pony. In the winter, the Cabin is also a nice place to stay in their cosy brown Café.

The Cabin can be found at Gedempte Zuiderdiep 67

9. Pernikkel

A nice restaurant in Groningen, in a not very obvious location is Pernikkel. The menu changes every week and so you will have to try something new each time you visit. The choice of main courses is not gigantic, but they have nice dishes in between.

My favourite is the vegetarian sweet potato burger, which is a permanent choice on the map. At Pernikkel, they have soups, steaks and little snacks. For the afternoon you can also have a nice cup of coffee and toasted bread. There is a small terrace in front of the house, which mainly catches a lot of sunshine in the afternoon.

Location: Aweg 2, 9718 CS Groningen, near Westerhaven where you will also find the Media Markt, Primark and other places.
Price: € €

10. Mr. Mofongo

We used to find Mr. Mofongo already a nice place to dine, nowadays there is a fine Rooftop Wine Bar & Greenhouse after renovation. Next to the restaurant and the Rooftopbar there is also a distillery and cocktail bar in Mofongo. The place is a place for everyone to stay at, so in addition to expensive wines, Mr Mofongo also offers student prices. Mr Mofongo is an industrially designed spot closeby the Academy building of the University of Groningen.

11. Cho Fah

Cho Fah is the only Thai restaurant I know in Groningen where you’d better reserve your spot. It is always crowded in here. On the menu you will find a wide choice of Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Masaman and the dessert sticky rice with mango.

Location: Gelkingestraat 5, 9711 AFTER Groningen
Price: € €-€ € €
type of food: Thai

12. Happy Italy

Looking for a cheap restaurant in Groningen? Then try the pasta restaurant Happy Italy located at Oosterstraat 56. For less than €5 you already have a pizza Margarita. It is therefore always quite full of students. During the day it is also packed with coffee drinkers. The restaurant is very large so there will always be a place to sit.

Location: Oosterstraat 56
Type of food: Italian

13. Kleine Moghul

The decor of the restaurant is simple, as if you were backpacking, but that certainly does not negate the food. We often order a Marco Polo to eat at home. The price is fine, the food very good. We are also delighted that the Marco Polo is now also available in vegetarian.

Location: Nieuwe Boteringestraat 62 Prijs: € €-€ € €, type of food: Indian, vegetarian, vegan options

Photo via Sikkom

14. Buurman & Buurman

Douwe and Anouk van Buurman & Buurman claim to have the best pizza in Groningen. Both the bottom of the pizza as the toppings are very good, so the rumors definetely are true.
Everything Buurman & Buurman serves is fresh and partly organic. From the dough to the toppings. 

The concept is originally from Amsterdam. Together with his girlfriend Anouk and brother Sjoerd, they own this restaurant at Rodeweg. Meanwhile there is also a second location in the Schilderswijk.

Location: Rodeweg 6 and Friesestraatweg 41, Groningen
Price: € € t
ype of food: Pizza

Accommodation in Groningen

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