Groningen hotspot/: delicious pies at Bij Britta

Last week I finally visited Bij Britta for a ‘Blog Meet Of Groningen’ organized by ‘Not So Stuffy’. Bij Britta has opened her doors in July 2014, and although I walk by thuis shop every werking day, I’ve never been inside because it always seems to be crowded.

Once at Bij Britta, I took – of course- a bite of the homemade syrup cake that was served on the table Oh my. Bij Britta is a mecca for cake lovers (baked by owner Barbara) and coffee & tea lovers (made with love by co-owner Anne). Tea lovers will not be disappointed, you can choose from up to 100(!) different tea flavors. For people like me that’s ofcourse a little bit of a choice stress.

If I was’n’t always so busy, I had already tasted the cakes at Bij Britta. On the outside this hotspot looks cozy. And once inside, you can not help but look everywhere, from selfbaked cake, the tea wall, the wall of fruit crates and outside (nothing beats watching people).

Apple pie with nuts

Fruit crates interior inspiration

Fox on wood necklace

Carrot cake vegan cake missisipie mud pie Bij Britta

Black labrador

100 kinds of tea

Bij Britta can be found, hidden in the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 27, a place where tourists will not come as quickly as it’s a bit beyond the commercial shopping area. But that doesn’t mean it’s not visit worthy, because the street is full of coffee spots, a few vintage shops and boutiques.

Find Bij Britta here: Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 27, Groningen.

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