How to choose a long board | Part 2

Longboarden is fun! You can do it anytime, anywhere. And if you want to buy one yourself, then you are fortunate enough to be able to buy a complete board. And there you have more than enough to do. When you learn more about Longboarden, you can adapt your board to your needs and for example, like me, you can customize your board with pink wheels. That's why for the enthusiasts the mini longboard guide: how to choose a longboard, part 2!

Long Board Wheels

What to look for when buying wheels

#1 Diameter-the size of a wheel
#2 Duro Meter-measured on the standard "A" scale for hardness.
#3 Shape-rounded edges, square edges…

The diameter

You have lots of different sizes of wheels. The larger the long board wheels, the better the long board rolls. Generally longer decks work well with larger wheels and smaller long board decks with smaller wheels.

Larger wheels = more speed and = more stability on rough surfaces. But larger long board wheels need more space for the curves than the smaller wheels.

The Duro meter

Besides the size you have to watch the Duro meter (the hardness) of the wheel. Soft wheels have better grip, but they are slower. Hard wheels slide better, but they carry more vibrations.

Wheel shape or shape

You can also choose a shape, for example, Rondafgehoekt is better to slide.

Long Board wheels (polyurethane material) have a diameter between 60 mm and 100 mm. 68 or 70 mm is quite standard ' under ' a long board.

Pink Wheels of a Koastal long board
Wheels of my Koastal


Choosing trucks is important because they make sure that you can run well and that your wheels are properly stuck to your board. A wide truck is more stable on speed and a narrow truck steers sharper. The best (and easiest) way to select trucks for your long board is to choose as close as possible to the width of the deck.

The most common truck widths for a long board are 150 or 180mm.

Long Board trucks under originals Board
My trucks!


The wheels of a long board are attached to the truck with bearings. Skateboard bearings are usually made of steel. A higher quality bearing is made of ceramic material, for riders with special wishes. They are more expensive, but roll smoother, lighter and are more resistant to rusting than the steel version, which makes them not distort or become ' soft ' at fast downhills.

As long as you keep your bearings free of water, dirt and bad conditions, you don't have to worry about replacing them!

Of course there are even more parts to look out for, but I think you have to go very far with these basics! If you don't understand it, just buy a complete board, should be OK! Part 1 missed? Read more about the long board deck! 

What would your/is your ideal way of Longboarden? Cruising, dancing or downhill?

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