I spy Burton SS’13

If you are like me and liking the more ‘sporty brands’, then you will like the new Burton ss’13 collection! Except ‘sports’wear, Burton has also got a great fun casual line of clothing, like the summer collection of 2013. The lookbook of Burton I personally find very inspiring and makes me want to take a road trip! If anyone can tell me how I can make such pictures: Let me know, I really like the atmosphere!

The collection

Except hoodies and backpacks, which create the adventurous look, Burton has also nice flap hats, belts and colored shorts! The Lookbook is just down the post! Happy scrolling!





My favorite items? The top look with inverted cap, gray longsleeve and with that ring. Oh and the flappy hat, belt and dotted shirt I also find very pretty!

Is Burton also ‘your’ brand or do you give it a mwoah mwoah?

P.s. I try to translate my posts as carefully as possible, but since I am not a native English speaker, I apologize of any mistakes in advance. Thanks for reading!

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