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I spy … The Gas Stove

I seem to have a kind of love for clogged coffee shops like the gas stove (so hot it really). Which coffee shops make me think all to Berlin. Well is almost my number one city Berlin also in Europe, after Istanbul. So there will be some kind of attraction sit at all this reminds me. I call them for convenience, Berlin-ishe coffee shops. It fits all the way into the board lifestyle (and happen to be very good, you can go Longboarding).

The location where the gas stove is, it is called Ebbingekwartier, and that makes this place special. It is the creative town district of Groningen. You'll find this district just outside the Canal, within walking distance of the town centre. The district breathes art. There are all buildings that curious such as a futuristic sphere, what seems to be a cinema. There is a campus, a large open space, where in the summer festivals are given and, in the campus style a red container. This red container is the gas stove. And if you don't pay attention, we cruise. No one in my circle of friends was curious enough to with me to go in, until I found the victim out there the last 1.5 month twice already with me. And really, it's such a cute spot. The gentleman behind the bar makes delicious pumpkin soup and as an experiment, he tried a latte macchiato with almond milk, because there is no soy milk was that day. And if that's not tasted then-he promised-he would be a new head with regular milk. On a lovely autumnal afternoon we look like to the cyclists who beyond cruising and the uitslovers of the bootcamp.

So if you are in Groningen, or live there, feel free to go along the gas burner for a Cantuccini (but 1 euro and so much to eat!) and latte. You will not be disappointed.

P.s. They also host nice artistic events (daarbovenin), keep cooking workshops and much more fun. Check out the website of the gas burner for more practical information.

When are we going to drink coffee?

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