I spy: The Urban Chique trend

Urban Chique; elegant, stylish, and classy with an urban twist; ahipster that doesn’t have the money to behipster is urban chic; urban chic garments are often ripped and secondhand but all in good fashion.

Versatility and comfort have to be found in any trend. Often, one of them is missing and our looks turns out not be as trendy as we hoped. This fall we will be hearing a lot from the urban chic trend. As the name says, it combines the best of both worlds: a cosmopolitan and urban style with a chic touch.

Born in big cities such as New York or London, the urban chic trend offers a lot of choices and nameless outfits to combine. That’s why I love this style! People in the streets started to be more aware of this trend when British model Cara Delevingne entered the fashion world. Her style was seen at every streetstyle blog. As Cara being a model and a busy woman, this trend fits her perfect. It’s comfortable, easy yet stylish. A pair of Nike sneakers, a cap, backpack, t-shirt and basic slim jeans are key items for this trend.

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At the fashion website SWYF I have spotted countless items that will go perfect with this trend. Starting with basic slim fit jeans, where we can choose between an infinity of items, from skinny to distressed, every kind of jeans can be found here!

Another item that I looked for were sneakers. From the famous Nike Air to the ones by New Balance, they can be found in every color and shape. Personally I love the ones that you can wear easily everyday without thinking too much about how to combine them. What about you, are you in for this comfy trend?

What do you think: Jajh of najh?

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