Insanity Workout Review

You might have seen the pictures passing by on my Facebook page and Instagram: I started Insanity Workout! Not the most suitable period, given a workout of 60 days and I’m going on vacation next week, but otherwise I was delaying it. So, here is a “fast” Insanity Workout Review and an explanation of the program!

What’s Insanity

Insanity Workout is a (hype) workout you can do at home. In total, the workout consists of ten training sessions of about 45 minutes, which are given by Shaun T. The best and fastest results you get with this workout, when you train for 60 days, six days a week. You can do it to lose weight, for better condition get tighter. Feeling better!

All you need do is to follow the workout on DVD (€ 119.80) and possibly use a mat (not neccesary) With some tricks you can also watch it on YouTube / Vimeo or download it. The videos are getting removed due to copyright rights-logical-so for the Vimeo link you can mail me via

My experience

It’s in a name: It’s Insane! I started with the fittest, where you have about a minute doing the exercises. Then write down how many times you’ve done it. Once a week you have to perform this test and see if you got better (good motivation!) Yesterday I had day 4, the Cardio Recovery, which is less heavy (read: still very heavy) lucky me!

But seriously, if you want to do this: you need discipline! What I love and kept me going is Shaun T, who motivates you (unlike other dvds) and makes you aware of performing it the right way!

I have a photo taken before and once I have some results I promise to post pictures. If you order the DVD you get all sorts of tips, a calendar etc, but I’ve decided to do by Vimeo I do not follow the diet that goes with it. But I do take care of what I eat (energy). I connect the laptop to the TV and then I’m ready in my living room! I also ask my boyfriend to stay on the first floor while I’m exercising :P because 1. have no condition 2. i look like crap doing so.

I look like an idiot when I workout. You look like an idiot on the couch. We are even;-)

Let me know if you are going to participate (and want the link), then we can motivate each other through / stylespy and of course via my blog! The Plank Pose is already included in the exercise, in case you were wondering whether I still do it: YES.


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