Interview: boardchick and teacher Esther van Duijn

[highlight ]Yeah, it’s back: the Boardchick of the month! Loyal followers of my blog (previously known as Style Spy) know these interviews from a long time ago. And this month we kick of with a new series of Boardchicks! Today an interview with Esther van Duijn, a 36 years old, geography teacher in secondary education, living in Velsen-noord.[/highlight]

Evey: When did you get into board sports?
In 2012 with snowboarding and in the summer of that year with surfing. Snowboarding was with a school trip of my work.

Regarding surfing: I grew up on the coast and I was like ‘I should do more with the coast, so I decided to go kitesurfing, because the wind is often good in the Netherlands, but unfortunately I can’t keep a kite up. And with the idea of controlling the elements of wind and water, I was like “no”.

When I visited a friend in Portugal I took my first golf surfing lesson and I was immediately sold. How difficult that was (and still is).

How often and where do you practice?
If I can and have time, I still join snowboard trips but this is always during my own holidays. I sometimes find it nice to go out without adolescents, despite the fact that the trips for younger people are also fun trips.

Surfing: as often as possible, now that the days are longer and I can also do it after working hours, I try to surf wherever possible.

During my vacation in Bretagne, I try to refine the skills a bit. But as I said, I continue to find it a difficult sport; I mess around a bit, I more often fail than succeed  but enough to keep going. This sport keeps challenging you.

What do you like most about surfing?
The best thing about surfing is that this sport keeps challenging you and it brings you to beautiful locations. I’m not that good at sitting and doing nothing and this sport also is a good way to fill you holidays.

What is the hardest thing about surfing
The hardest thing I find is trying to ‘read’ the sea. “This wave or not?” “Oh, that wave is just very big?” “Oh this one! This will be the one! And then mercilessly get hitten by it. It also took a while before I could ride a wave, the first ‘green’ was really a euphoric moment!

I have just purchased a longboard, so for now I am focused on getting to know the board and being being able to surf. I don’t have big goals, just enjoy the sport, the beautiful moments alone or with my boyfriend and friends in the water, are a goal for me itself!

In which dream destination would you like to grab a wave?
Bretagne still is a very good place. But secretly I would like to go to Hawaii or South / Central America or to Iceland or Ireland or …. there are so many beautiful places to discover!

What is your ultimate must-have?
Pleasure in what you do is the most important thing. And also a touch of perseverance.

Do you have your own board? If yes which one?

I now surf an Aloha 7’6 speedster and a nice big yellow/blue nsp elements 9’0.

I also have a 9’0 cross but this board is a bit too technical and less forgiving to me.

In addition to surfing Esther likes to be outdoors in nature (mountain biking, running, hiking) and she likes to take photos of it! Also check her Instagram: kanonvoer fotografie.

Photography: Emma Wagner, Bas Schreuder en Kanonvoer fotografie, Esther’s own photograpy. 


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