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When Sheena attended highschool, she was already into surfing. But just until a few years ago she went to her first surfcamp. And last year she bought her first longboard so she can cruise through town. Her wish: her own surfboard so she can learn to dance on the waves! Meet Sheena from the Netherlands, the first Board Chick of the Week!

Evey: Hey Sheen, For readers that don’t know you, when did you first get into boarding?

A few years ago I went to my very first sufcamp in Zarautz. And since a couple of months I own my own longboard which allows me to cruise anytime and everywhere!

Evey: What makes boardsports so much fun for you?

When boarding, I feel great! You don’t have to worry about anything and you can just go. That it’s quite difficult makes it more fun. I get bored of things rather quick! I also like the relaxing lifestyle that comes with it!

Sheenas longboard groep

“My group of friends from Rotterdam where I go surfing or longboarding with “

Evey:  Do you have any fears or suffered from difficulties (at the beginning)?

I’m actually afraid of nothing if it comes to longboarding or surfing. I would like ot find a good hill ones and learn to downhill. But then I have to learn to decently slide to start! Wouldn’t wanna end up in a cliff or something. Step 1 is to buy some protection for my knees and so.

Stella Stingray board

“I have my own bamboo longboard from Stella Stingray board, bought at Left! Skateshop in Rotterdam”

Evey: What’s your favorite place to board? And what is your dream board destination?

To surf I would recommend Zarautz (North of Spain). It is a fun place with a lot of locals and a few tourists. Everybody on holiday over there are there to surf of longboard. The boulevard is awesome for cruising and it’s all just a few km from San Sebastian. Dream destination? Bali! Start saving money first ;-)

zarautz surfen

Evey: How would you descibe your style?

It has always been pretty casual. I like to wear sneakers and you won’t find me on high heels. Dresses are fun though, but too neat for me. I’d rather wear a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and vest, styled with a beanie. My favourite brands are: Element, Roxy or Volcom.

Evey: Do you have any plans for the summer?

I’m going to surf in Lagos, Portugal in a monthI’m very curious about everything over there!

Evey: What would you recommend girls who would like to start?

Just start! It’s easy when you know someone with a cruiser, but surfing is easy when it comes to renting the bunch! I met my friends through a Facebook community, where starters are enthusiastic about meeting other boardgirls! Joining a surfcamp is also a great way to meet others!

Fun Sheena facts:

Sheena is stoked with her new blender. She makes green smoothies every day! Next to dancing and her work she is also a coordinator for Plantaardig Maandag: an initiative that wants Holland to eat animalfree on monday! (Unfortunately in dutch). Wanna know more? Sheena is on Twitter @tiepmasheen.

Would you like to be the Board Chick of the Week or do you know someone who would? Send an email to info[at] or read more here .


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